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who the hell is this ghostrider guy???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by livingstonest, Aug 12, 2005.

  1. has anyone seen clips of this guy who calls himself the ghostrider who does crazy wheelies whilst lanesplittine between trucks/cars at 200mph on the european freeways on a black hyabusa???

    this guy is definitely straight from hell or has a deathwish to go back to hell with the stunts he does.

    like what's the story behind him? are the cops after him? if so how does he make money from selling dvds??
  2. he makes good money from his dvds and as a stuntman. GR4 is to be released soon.

    check out his website, the forums are a hoot

  3. for a mad guy he's got a very professional looking web-site. I wonder if he's ever been a road-racer, certainly has the skills!
  4. Indeed - he is a very good rider, and has balls the size of watermelons. I'm sure he'd give road racing an RHG, but has admitted in his forums that a decent GP/SBK rider would clean him up.
  5. we all wish to be like him
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  7. Hes also in a few crusty demon movies..one of them he ghosties a bike into a hugggee casm..in another he causes alot of ruccus in a town riding around on what appears to be a goldwing
  8. An adrenaline rush is one thing, but he has a death wish.
    Admitedly i've got pretty much all of the video's/DVD's he's produced and love to get drunk and marvel at the insanity of a 180+mph power up wheelie on the turbo 'busa on the freeway.

    That said, i've started to admire pro-stunters more than the insane go-fast riders due to their obvious skills as opposed to raw-insanity.

    Here's a good question for the masses, how quickly can a Hayabusa / GSXR1000 pull up from 200mph to 60mph (rapid decelleration to freeway traffic speed), or even from 160mph to standstill? (emergency stopping)
  9. Got all his movies and eagerly awaiting GR4 :p Am also the No1 postwhore on the GR forum :LOL:

    Whats the story?He's an ex racer who decided he was going to show the Getaway In Stockholm wankers how you make a film based on reality rather than masses of camera tricks :wink: The first film was so successful they kept making them 8) Hes in the top 10 most wanted list in Sweden. because the coppers cant proove who is riding the bike,you never see his face and the bikes are owned by SWT (SwedishWheelieTeam) not GR himself.

    Yes he has mate :wink: 8)

    I think you're getting that from the Rossi vs GR thread,he actually said a race between him and Rossi he would get cleaned up,which goes without saying,some of the fanbois dont like that thought though! :LOL:
    Do you actually post on the forum there dan or just lurk?

    Are you taking the piss or what? :shock:

    If he had a death wish he would be dead already :wink: You have pretty much all of them?Theres only 3 so far matey :wink: :LOL:
  10. I heard a rumour that he died recently :roll: ...can anyone confirm this?
  11. I can confirm that he isnt dead :LOL: :LOL:
  12. Why so many people saying he is dead then? I'm very confused now as the last 4 months I've been under the impression he died making #3.

  13. Because people are full of sh$t and make comments on something they know nothing about mate.I can gaurentee you he didnt die making GR 3 goes Crazy In Europe,if he did,he wouldnt have been able to appear at the recent Bomber Weekend on his new K5 gixxer 1000 Turbo :wink: 8) And yes,i know it was him because there was pics of him on the Bomber Weekend website :wink: 8)
  14. I just checked out the site and all so I know for myself now, it must have just been a bit of the old 'chinese whispers' i think.

    The guy who told me is usually very reliable with information, and he also said GR#3 was callled "the last ride' or something along those lines.

    I will correct him tomorrow, dont you worry :wink:
  15. hehe,yeah mate,we were getting at least 2 people a week on the forum asking if he was dead or not,so he started up his own thread to let people know. :LOL:

    Actually,GR1 was called the Final Ride,GR2 was Goes Wild and GR3 was Goes Crazy in Europe wih the soon to be released GR4 being named Goes Under Cover :wink: 8)

    hehehe,put your mate in his place! :D :LOL: :LOL:
  16. Sorry, i was referring to the following as 'all of them'-
    Ghostrider - The Final Ride
    Ghostrider 2 - Ghost Rider Goes Wild
    Ghostrider 3 - Goes Crazy in Europe
    Ghostrider 3 - Amsterdam to Rotterdam Bonus

    ... Then of course there's the myriad of little clips floating around the in-tar-web that i've collected.

  17. Nope, check out crusty demons 7th dimension and the 8th video, its near the end..
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  19. all i know is that everyone wants to be like him. truly. hes an awesome rider. and has everyone seen the black prince paris ringroad video? GR seems like a much smarter rider than that dude. stupid frenchy never moved his wrist the whole trip. no wonder he died on the second attempt. or is that just chinese whispers too?
  20. Thats a K3 gixxer 1000 mate,it has all Carbon fibre fairings on it,very nice indeed :wink: 8)

    The fella who filmed that French run is known as the Black Prince pt,and yep,he's still alive,rumours were spread of his death in an attempt to try and stop the French police search for him. :wink: :p