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Who sells Spidi leathers in Melb?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by CamKawa, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Google didn't find much. Any help appreciated.

  2. I think I've seen a few things at Clipstone Yamaha Ringwood. They've got a massive close down sale going on so maybe worth them giving a call.
  3. metro honda/ducati in Ringwood does, but never much in stock
    call ahead perhaps
  4. Yeah, I went out to Metro this morning. Didn't see one Spidi item in stock... :(

    Also had a look at Clipstone and they didn't have much of anything leather in stock. Bikemart had heaps of textile and some cheap Rjays leathers. A1 next door and had next to nothing.

    Had a look in Yamaha city yesterday who like Metro are listed as a Spidi stockist, but didn't see any Spidi in stock.
  5. Any special reason for the fascination with this specific brand? :p
  6. Nah not really. It's just that Alpinestar and Dainese don't fit me. I haven't tried Spidi and wouldn't mind because they are a quality brand.
  7. Definitely seen Spidi suits in Peter Stevens in the past. But I haven't been in recently.
  8. Thanks, but I've been into Stevo's this week and didn't see any.
  9. sorry CamKawa.
    last i was there they had some older spidi stuff gathering dust. probably finally decided to offer it for sale at a fair price.
    i'd doubt you'd find any of spidis latest ranges in any store here. there has been a push to clear old stock worldwide recently. so discounted prices on US sites. but not for their latest range of leather leather jackets.
    you can buy direct from spidi http://www.spidi.com/eu/eu_en/ (probably allready know this, and only 3 Aus stockists)
    but yeah would want to try stuff on first agree.
    i would think the fit and sizing would be very much the same as A* and dainese though. typically italian euro sizing.
    whatabout something like this> http://stores.sportbiketrackgear.com/Detail.bok?no=8241US sizing would likely accomodate larger frames. the brand has stepped up a lot in quality, but these have'nt really taken of, because of the mankini design that the coloured versions tend to resemble from the back. but the stealth version would be cool. theres also a higher spec version with external hard armour, but in my opinion that stuff is annoying. do a headcheck and your chinbar smacks the shoulder armour.
  10. Thanks, but I'm a bit reluctant to buy on-line because if I guess the wrong size return postage to the US may cost $50 - $100+.

    I'm thinking Tiger Angle, but I reckon it'll cost north of 2 grand, so I'm not doing star jumps over the idea.
  11. seen spidi boots at amx
  12. A little birdy told me that they are no longer available in Australia. But I cannot guarantee this is 100% true.
  13. Don't go Tiger Angel. IMHO.

    I own a 2 piece 'Roo leather Spidi suit, cost me near 2K when purchased many moons ago. I still have this suit and it's remained in excellent condition over the years.

    My obversations are this:
    Dainese/Berik - suit larger/taller guys
    Spidi - suit smaller framed guys - like me dripping wet at 65kgs if I'm lucky......
  14. no, those were sidi boots