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Who sells new small engines?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Stitch, Dec 4, 2014.

  1. I've been building a new bike the past few months and i'm at the stage where I need to source an engine.

    I'd like to use something new if possible (ideally Jap) as opposed to rebuilding something. I've scoured the net and have rang around but can't seem to find anyone that sells new engines? Haven't looked at importing anything yet but figured there's bound to be someone on here in the know. Anyone got any leads?

  2. depends on what you consider small, and what you're looking for. Lifan 125/140cc or Zongshen 250cc pretty easy to find and cheap.
    or... buy a wreck at auction, most of the time the motors are fine its just the bits around them that are wonky.
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  3. Looking for something around 250/400cc. Single cylinder and air cooled. Size is irrelevant really just need something thats within the learner power limits.

    Have looked at Loncin, Lifan and Zongshen. Seems to be mixed reviews for the motor's online. Have tried google searching where exactly to buy them but just get directed to Alibaba.

    You had any experience with these Bluey?
  4. So a u building a custom learner bike ?
  5. My mate has a lifan 110 I think... ran on diesel with some fiddling, they seem to be the go to engines when ct110's die. I saw them on eBay.
    But the cheapest option would probably be Buying a wreck off manheim or pickles, or whatever is local for you, Buy a wreck and sell everything you dont need and you might even break even. I picked up a CBR250RR for 900 with a working engine, and iIpaid a premium because it was my mates wrecked bike and I thought it would be hilarious if I bought it, I also got a zzr250 for $488 again with a working engine which I sold for $650
  6. how can you possibly be months into building a motocycle and only now be considering which engine to use?

    Motorcycles are build from the engine out.
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  7. No custom bike like this is technically going to learner legal no matter what size engine u put in it
  8. How so? whilst getting a LAMS bike approved would not be worth it, all 4-stroke 250 (or smaller) are able to be ridden by learners AFAIK.
  9. They have to be unmodified. What model is this bike ?
  10. he stated in the OP it's a new built bike, so I assumed he would be complying a new bike to ADRs, rather than modifying an existing one.