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Who sells Joe Rocket gear in Melb?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Electro, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. I am looking for some places that stock Joe Rocket gear in Melbourne. I've been to Bikemart Ringwood and surrounding bike shops and also Peter Stevens City but haven't been able to find what I want.

    In particular i'm looking for this summer mesh jacket: http://www.ridersdiscount.com/street-gear/jackets-men/84965.php. It's the UFO 2.0 TEXTILE MESH JACKET - the updated version of the original UFO jacket.

    I have no problem buying it from ridersdiscount or any online store but would obviously like to try it on for sizing first.

    Does anyone have any suggestions where I might find this jacket in a melbourne bike store?
  2. google????
  3. Very helpful... thank you :rolleyes:
  4. Bike Gear Warehouse website
    Bike Gear Warehouse forum

    I'm happy to be corrected on this one but I believe that Mat Mladin Imports are the Australian distributor for Joe Rocket thus the above links should be a good place to start in finding out where they're stocked in Melbourne.
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  6. Thanks for the suggestions guys... Will call them tomorrow and find out.
  7. Well I just got my answer from BGW - The jacket is pretty new in the US and it will be a while before they get it in here.

    I hate buying something before I get a chance to get my hands on it to check it out properly.

    I guess i'll have to buy it blind from the US. Anyway worst case I'm sure I can sell it on ebay or a forum if I don't like it or the fit seeing as it's still new someone else would be keen on it.
  8. Herein lies the problem.

    You/them, whoever, wants shops in Australia to stock items for you to try on for size but then go to the USA to purchase the goods.

    Don't get me wrong, I hate paying the prices we pay here in Australia as much as the next person but how can you expect a shop here in Australia to then stock the goods if everyone buys from overseas.

    I'd be inclined to bargain like a muther****er and purchase locally rather than send the money overseas. Alas it is not always possible.

    I purchase goods from the states all the time. One item in particular is priced at $160 +GST here, I buy it for USD$44.

    I buy 5 at a time and it costs me AUD$280 delivered. That's less than 2 of the same item here in Australia.
    Makes no sense to buy locally.
  9. To be honest I won't really buy a product where it has to be shipped (locally or internationally) unless the saving is significant (i.e 25%+ cheaper). If I purchase at a shop a) I get the product straight away and b) if something goes wrong I can deal with a person face to face to sort it out. I'd pay a small premium for that luxury.

    In this case the product is too new hence the unavailability in Oz. If it were available here and I tried it on and it wasn't that much more expensive than the US I would definately just buy it from that shop.

    As for the vast differences in prices I blame the government.

    So BGW died in the butt, anyone know a brick and mortar that stocks Joe Rocket? I've become enamoured of them
  11. Oh forgot to mention, I emailed AMX this morning and they said they no longer carry the Joe Rocket gear. They didn't say why, maybe BGW has some sort of exclusive deal by the end? BGW is still listed as the Australian distributor on the JR website, emailed them too to ask if they had any plans to set up something new.
  12. Maybe tell AMX to remove the Joe Rocket logos from their website then
  13. I've given up trying to get them to fix/update their website, they never reply either way. A simple 'fcuk off we're happy with a barely functional website' would suffice. I feel like there's no reason for modern businesses to not have modern sites with actual products instead of bloody pictures like AMX
  14. The Aussie distributor of Joe Rocket closed down.
    There's a place in Bayswater that sells a bunch of different stuff (binoculars/telescopes/kitchen equipment/) and they have some Joe Rocket stock. They can't get any more (because the AU ditributor closed down), but they have better looking jackets than AMX who seem only to have cheap crap branded with Suzuki. They're called OzHut, open 9:30 AM to 5:00 Mon-Fri.
    OZHut Pty Ltd
    Unit 2/21 Scoresby Road
    Bayswater VIC 3153
  15. Well AMX is supposed to be cheap so it makes sense. I got my first set of gear from there.

    Thanks for the website, they don't have much but at least it has an online catalog, unlike a certain lettered store I could mention
  16. AMX do have good stuff too, but I noticed at their Lynbrook shop all the Joe Rocket stuff was more advertising/dress jackets/parkas, not real safety type jackets.
  17. I didn't know enough about riding or riding gear my first go around so wouldn't have a clue what Keilor had. Got a response back from JR, follows:


    Thank you for contacting us. Regrettably there are no dealers in Australia at the present time. The company who is in charge of Joe Rocket International is currently working on this.

    Sorry I wasn’t able to provide you with a positive response."

    Told them I hope they get it all sorted soon. Hopefully before I'm ready to buy a new set of stuff
  18. I LOVE my Joe Rocket jacket, bought online and used their size measurements chart as a guide. Was quite accurate. I took the punt and got a size that was close to mine as possible and was willing to take it to my leather repair man if it needed altering.
  19. I have weird sizing, being heavy but also muscular, so I'm not a very uniform fit. Most jackets/shirts/etc. that fit me well in one area don't fit one in another. My most common issue is my arms/shoulders, in a lot of jackets and shirts I can't move my arms without ripping the stitches apart like Lou 'Motherfcuker' Ferrigno. Hence trying in person is essential.