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Who says PERVING doesn't assist law enforcement !

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Nov 12, 2006.

  1. okay, here is the story.

    I rode to Road Warriors this afternoon, as you do on a balmy sydney day and you have a lot on the mind. I meet up with an school friend by accident, Greg who I have not seen for almost 6 or so years. He rides a KTM SuperDuke and he was there with a mate with a ZX-10R Ninja, so we had a Monster-Ninja-Duke hoon up and down OPH.

    Which was a bad idea because cop presence on OPH is high !
    I saw two cruisers pulled over just riding there. Anyway, we got through unscathed.

    Here is a pic from my camera phone of the Monster-Ninja-Duke gathering. I didn't have my good camera, but the colors are a real work of art in real life. It looked very Reggae . . . the Orange, Red and Green ! hahaha :music:


    Anyway, while filling up with fuel, it came to our attention that someone was going COMMANDO . . . hence this pic . . . . :LOL:


    Greg is there adjusting his front pre-load on the Super-Duke. And again I did not have my good camera with me so clarity is not that good. But believe me, three dudes on nice bikes can easily confirm that it was definitely a commando moment. !! :rofl:

    Okay, so what does this have to do with law enforcement ??? :roll:

    Commando-chic and Bogan-boy in the EA Falcon did a runner and did not pay for the fuel !! The petrol attendent comes out running . . . and guess who has the numberplate on his camera phone ??? hahahahahaha :LOL: :LOL:

    what an afternoon !!

    There were nice bikes at Road Warriors. Its not everyday you see 3 MV Augustas, crazy stunters, bling bikes (some people have no taste :grin:) - all while having coffee and talking about old school days.

    But beware . . . cops are abundant at OPH !
  2. haha nice one! Reminds me of a series of photos I have from when my brother and I went to mexico. Each photo has half or a quarter of my brother's gurning face, and some hot chick over his shoulder.... hahaha!
  3. Now Micky, while I appreciate your flair for photography and ever readiness to snap a pic......surely you could have found a better looking blonde with tats to snap :p
  4. . . . . well, its not everyday I get in trouble with a NICE looking blonde with Tatts !!! ;)

    . . . . i'm going to be so dead with that last comment !
  5. Er, my excuse was that I wanted a pik of Loz...


    Not commando, but noice!

    notice hand in pocket...!
  6. Bwwwahahahaa! that's classic.
  7. So, was Loz going commando thus hands in pockets ??? :rofl:

    I so wished Scrambles was there at the Shell servo at Berowra.
    He would have laid out the rules of going Commando !!


    Loz, I seriously thought you were a chic !
    Just like how I thought eswen was a bloke !
    . . . don't be undecided with that gender symbol man !! . . the puppy dog avatar makes it worse !! :LOL:
  8. Behind that hirsute and masculine appearance, all ripped muscles and suntanned body I'm sure there's a feminine Loz desperately trying to break out. Even if it is only to make p0rn...
  9. Someone isn't using the internet to it's full potential...

  10. Where's the picture of Loz? I've missed something I'm sure but I've no idea WTF you're all talking about. :?

    Mmmmmm, red shorts. :wink:
    How about a competition.

    "Guess how old the girl in red shorts is!" I'm guessing 16.......Maybe.? :shock: :shock: :shock: :oops: :p :mad: :LOL: :wink: :shock: :shock: :shock: :mad: :p :cool: :) :( :eek: :wink: :roll: :oops: :p :mad: I don't know what I'm feeling right now. :(
  11. Now, while on the subject of Loz's pic, I can top that one . . . LOL

    I was showing Romus how good the zoom is on my camera !
    So I took the pics of the bikes a 0% zoom !


    Notice this is at a beach ! on a hot 35deg Sydney day.
    In the background it owenst posing . . . ;)

    Now you should see the max zoom pic ! :shock:
    Romus has a copy . .. and its damn fine . . . so fine I could end up on Today Tonight and be NAMED AND SHAMED !! hahahah :LOL:

    It was a naked only (haggis, owenst, romus,me) ride, but we didn't think the local beach goers would be taking it literally !! lol
  12. thats piss funny.

    Good work.