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Who says Hogs can't turn

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by undii, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. #1 undii, Jul 28, 2006
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    This seems to be doing the rounds now on bike forums today, [media=youtube]h9UcgfVQWHo[/media]

    I just am shaking my head wondering "WHY" after watching it. Just to the whole video, you'll know what I mean when you watch it
  2. The voice in the background summed it up best: "fcuking idiot!"

    On the other side of the coin though—and despite the rider's stupidity and recklessness—why the fcuk did they keep going? If the rider was badly hurt, what are they going to do; stick him on the back of a bike? No, they'd be sitting around waiting for an ambulance. The people in the RV had a moral obligation—and probably a legal one, for that matter—to stop and offer assistance or transport to a hospital. Jackarses.
  3. Re: In the twisties

    I have been reliably informed that HD's don't do corners!
  4. Yeah well thats what ya get for being a knob.

    Hope the guy was ok though.
  5. Interesting line the gentleman took, then all his mates sitting across the road blocking it from traffic before deciding to move off and go and check on him.
  6. Background commentary worth it just on its own.
    But gawd talk about high tailed it outta there when the rest of them stopped.

    What was he so chicken shit about? Stupid idiot should have hung around & recorded the resuce. Now that would have been intertaining.
  7. Nice set of twisties there, the bikes looked like to 2 wheel equivelant of an RV with the massive boxes.

  8. I can see why people would not want to hang around. And once you get more than a few people in attendance, you're not adding any value or benefit.

    The other thing to consider is that emergency teams are the best people to transport, especially with the sort of injuries that you can have on a bike. If someone is injured, the best thing to do is to place the call, stay with the person, keep them comfortable and let the experts do their job.

    let's hope the biggest injury would be to their pride...
  9. Re: In the twisties

    Now thats gold :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Also notice the tool behind him had target fixation - follow the sheep :roll:

    As per why he binned it, can't work it out he hit the apex and just needed to tip it in.

    Cheers :cool:
  10. aaah mother trucker.. thats hard... once agin proving that target fixation is where you go...
  11. Got me baffled, too. Target fixation? Just plain seized up?

    Who knows?

    But I'll take that road any day!
  12. I don't think that primary concern was safety of the rider...but their own!!!That's why they fled the scene!
  13. :LOL: that needed the "WHEEE!" sound out of funniest home videos.
  14. hahaha i was thinking for the first minute 'they're not going very quick.. i'd be going quicker than that' and then it turned out to be a car. :p
  15. Re: In the twisties

    I would say because he was a twat on a bike that he didn't know how to ride, and instead of riding through the corner he just planted the breaks and went like a rabbit in the headlights. [img:29:32:620010aa13]https://netrider.net.au/forums/images/avatars/1523100734445f22e7962b6.gif[/img:620010aa13]
  16. Which leads to the question of why?
    They had nothing to do with the morons dropping off the clif, his own inability to handle his bike was the issue there.
  17. fear... its the AAHHA HHHAA :tantrum: Biker!! Run!! :shock: :eek:hno: fear everything attitude that america has. Quick it could be dangerous BOMB IT!! what a dumb mentality.

    If a curser was stopped in this case hurt I WOULD STOP. Its more the good samaritan in me than anything else.
  18. Totally agree ward_4e, the video is a great example of a combination of predujice and fear. As a result the people in the car did the wrong thing by the guy who came off.

    The sad thing is that there is a possibility that they made the 'smart' (not morally correct) decission and that if they had stopped and exchanged details the biker who ran off the road would ultimately have come up with a story that put them at fault (video evidence aside).

    Still I would have stopped, not question about it. I'd prefer to take my chances with "made up stories" and sleep at night.
  19. Re: In the twisties

    Or that HD's don't corner :LOL:

    Cheers :cool:
  20. I see your point. I would have stopped, but I can understand why someone would not want to.

    Mind in an RV they'd have had all sorts of things that could be used to make the person more comfortable and for that reason alone they should have stopped and rendered assistance.

    Ouch, 300kg of HD landing on you.