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Who says 250s cant wheelie?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by es, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. I've seen a gpx wheelie out of your driveway before so i already know they can :LOL:
  2. yeah well thats not the point :p
  3. Hey the first one looks like it could be real :shock: The second pic looks like a photoshop. Or is that the point? :roll: I don't know, it's nearly holiday time for me and I'm in neutral. :LOL:
  4. Get the gearing low enough and you can probably get a varago on it's back wheel.
  5. you can, ive seen it :)
  6. I own a GPX and I've done it. Not intentionally, and likely never will, but I've done it.
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    That has to be the best display of wheelies on a CB250 I have ever seen. :shock: Brillient. :twisted: :grin:
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    What sort of sprocket changes did you make to the bikes??
  10. That was awesome!
    Cheers for brightening my day vtr420. :shock: :grin:
  11. hahaha anytime

    The Cb is stock and the vtr can wheelie stock
    but im running a 48 tooth rear (soon to be a 51) which is +7
    But i advice u learn stock or just 2/3 up because it just makes it harder with big gears
    (runs out of revs quick if not at Bp)
  12. Of course it can, but I won't try it.
  13. nice work puer. show 'em where it's at.
  14. +1 for that second pic being photoshopped else he looks like he is about to come unstuck.
  15. Haha NAM whats happening .. i was on here getting a wheel for my bike and saw this thread so i had to :grin:
  16. converting netriders to the darkside... one wheelie at a time
  17. Nice nice yeah i kinda thought they would hate on this stuff ...
    Lets join forces .. to Wheelie my jedi Night
  18. just yesterday I was saying to the other half that I'm having trouble wheeling the cb250. he joked I wasn't trying hard enough.

    must get out there & practice apparently!