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Who saw ACA tonight.........??

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Rogues, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. with the segment about 'the angry rider'.......:-s


    bit disappointed in it really.......... dont know that it showed us in a very good light, but then it didnt do justice to the author either so......

    first the altercation with the driver that hit/ nudged him from behind.... they'd pruned that vid so it sort of intimated that he the rider HAD filtered past the driver and could have been the cause.......

    Then the bloody copper (was he Vicpol??.... wrong bluddy lot to ask to comment.......) who tended to intimate that the rider having something to say to numnut drivers could distract them........did he mention the twat on the phone, or reading the paper may be just as distracting..........[-(

    .....and then, because this 'rider' was venting......the commentator seemed to push the point that if you are involved in roadrage, lock your doors and call police :-s Farrrk me !!
  2. Sure, use the phone to call Police while you're driving. Hypocritical?

    It was a bit on the negative side regarding motorcyclists, however they did mention that car drivers should be more aware of motorcycle presence and that drivers are also being distracted from mobile phone/newspapers, which I think was a good step forward of being actually noticed out there. Regarding road rage, there was a bit of anger from the rider...the lady that cut him off, she said sorry, even if she didn't mean it, could have just ridden off rather than saying,"NAH YOU'RE NOT SORRY!"
  3. What if your a motorcyclist...how do you lock the doors?

    I think they just did the story that way cause they were pissed he wouldn't talk to them
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  4. I dont think it went down to well, We ended up the villians again,
  5. This. If you insist on filming your riding and posting it online be prepared to back yourself on the media. How often do you see a current affairs style program where the person that refused to talk to reporters was portrayed as the good guy.
  6. +1 to this ....if your going to try and promote proper road craft and courtesy ....you don't in turn act the way said rider has....makes us all look like egotistical ****wits ....I don't need any help being perceived as one I'm doing fine as is
  7. Shouting abuse at a driver when riding alongside them is pretty stupid. All it takes is one short, sharp motion with the steering wheel and you're riding in an ambulance.

    Of course what the general public will see is some motorcyclist continuing to abuse a female driver, even after she's apologised. I agree with Smee :shock:, the ACA article is just going to fuel the stereotype people already have of riders and does a lot more harm than good.
  8. Neil needs a ****ing badge, some sort of good samaritan, cub scout, do-good patch.

    Perhaps he could contract out to the traffic branch filming bad motorcyclists.

    Or better still how about he goes and stands on a corner and pretends to be a ****ing speed camera.
  9. Neil is a twat. Can we leave it at that?
  10. I dont understand the rider attitude where many riders think its ok to tell everyone else off for everything they are doing on the road but dont wanna hear anything from anyone else.

    I drive the freeway each day i reckon the regular rider to cockhead rider ratio is like 70/30. Kinda similar to car drivers. What we dont wanna do is start a us vs them thing.

    The rider in the ACA video is an idiot. How is abusing anyone going to help? He is talking tough for the camera IMO and did none of us any favours at all.

    EDIT: is the rider in the ACA video from netrider?
  11. I did post a link go look
  12. That I want to see...like that Remi Gaillard guy HAHAHA.
  13. I think what he's trying to do is good, the general car driving public has no idea how often this crap happens or what it feels like. The TAC have no interest in anything but speed, and according to vicpol we speed more cause their cameras are ineffective. Interesting that the real motorcycle toll has dropped significantly while we continue to speed but that's another story... Fact is that nobody else seems to be doing much to highlight the Inattention risks we face. (tac actively defend the inattentive drivers or at least gloss over them)

    If you're so against what he's doing, what are YOU doing about it, o what would you suggest? Constructive criticism rather than whining anyone?
  14. so what are YOU doing about it?
  15. ACA is about ratings and making money.
    Don't expect any good to come of this.
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  16. Getting aggresive with drivers isn't going to make them think about what they've done - it just triggers the fight or flight response so the will only be thinking of how to get away from you, or how to attack back.

    There's a reason schools don't teach by shouting "what the f*&k do you think you're doing, why the f*&k can't you read yet, what are you f%^king stupid" (although I'm sure most teachers have certainly felt the urge to do so).

    Either just let the cars go, or politely point out what they did wrong at a suitable time/place (like when they're stopped at the lights).
    Edit: Making drivers more aware that there's actual people under the helmet and leathers, as opposed to some angry "biker", is the only way to get them to start looking for bikes. I'm sure plenty of people on here are familiar with how much more attention people pay when a close family member takes up riding.
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  17. Once upon a time superheros had capes, now they have gopros.

    I tend to leave the traffic laws and the application of to the trained professionals.

    I have said it before and I'll say it again, I don't want any Tom, Dick or Neil running around filming what he chooses to be dangerous, be it car or bike, and then splurge it over youtube in the disguise of doing the world a favour.
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  18. Yep, that stood out to me too. What a hero he must feel like for abusing and intimidating a woman after she's just apologised twice for a minor incident. 98% of riders would shrug that off as just shit that happens every single day on a bike.

    Guy is a complete bell end who needs to get a life.
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  19. I couldn't agree with you more... Sure, do the phone gesture if someone is being an idiot on the phone... but a lot of these gopro vids on youtube posted by punks who want to catch a driver fail to give way, and then want interact with the driver in a rude manner. It's of no benefit to anybody.

    My interactions with cars are mostly beeping when I'm being merged onto, revving the bike when someone hasn't noticed the lights have gone green, and beeping (and getting right off the road) when some oncoming-elderly driver is running me off the road!

    Two times people have almost cleaned me up while merging violently before stopping at the next set of red lights, winding down their window and apologising to me.

    Both those times, I just said "That's OK"

    They obviously knew they almost cleaned me up, and abuse would not have helped at all. They can reflect on their driving in their own time... If I shout abuse, they are going to freeze up, then later rationalise their actions and excuse themselves to feel better!
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