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Who sat on my bike?[motor show]

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 2wheelsagain, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. Whilst parked out front at the Motor Show on Sat someone decided to try on a Bandit 1250 for size. My bike. :mad:
    I know they're hard to get and Suzuki need a kick in the knackers for the shortage but really, just parking you're arse in someone else's bike is a bit rude isn't it? :shock:
    There were 4 boot scuff marks on the exhaust can. The pillion pegs had been played with. Hand prints on the tank. Who knows what else. :evil:
    The tosser is most likely another rider which makes it even worse. If I had been there and you asked I would have said sure. But I would have been there to supervise. :)
    F^*@%)g around with someone else's bike when they're not there is an invitation to get your head kicked off. :twisted:

    Am I paranoid? What do others think?

  2. I'm with You on this. It's like someone fondling your wife whilst your back is turned :evil:
  3. bash him
  4. Yeah I've always done that whilst your looking.
  5. Completely justified... not without your consent. I see it as an equivalent to some stranger jumping in your car to play vroom vrooms. It's completely disrespectful and could be very dangerous to the sitter if they don't know how to balance it/hot pipes, as well as to you if they knocked the wrong thing.

    I had someone sit on my bike at work last Tue. I came out at the end to find the cover not completely on, the mirrors obviously moved, scuff marks on the seat, indicator on, kill switch on, and the rear brake peddle no longer fully releasing...
    I should probably check the hoses and everything each time I get on, but I REALLY had to check this time! Turns out there was nothing malicious (nothing disconnected, tyres fine, fluids fine). There was a beer bottle right near it. Still - it's not theirs to play with :mad:
  6. Hand prints and scuff marks means some inbred scumbags kids have been put on the bike.
    Shitte's me to tears when people play with your ride!
  7. it's your pride and joy. i would seriously give them a lecture if i see a kid on mine. and if they go on it they will seriously get a hurting!
  8. Not in this case PP.

    Thanks all for agreeing with me :)
    I know it wouldnt have been a NR. :cool:
  9. so if your there and your back aint turned we can foudle with your wife? As long as you supervise right? :bolt:

    All jokes aside, i totally agree, not cool, even if my mates sat on my bike without me being there id be pissed at them, when im there sure but you should be going round doing that kinda stuff with peoples bikes when there not around
  10. If I'd come out & seen someone on my bike I would start screaming in my loudest voice "Police - Bike Thief, someone call the police!"

    Then let them explain it to the crowds as well as the coppers!
  11. I wouldn't be happy about that either :( My new 250 Ninja is due this week, and next week it'll be parked in the city when I commute (if I'm up for the ride - not sure yet :p).

    I'm parking mine within view of my office window, so if any bugger thinks it'd be nice to have a sit I'll be out the front in 5 seconds flat with a chair :twisted:
  12. This is why I like (even cheap) bike alarms - maybe it doesn't stop someone from stealing it, but it usually keeps the morons away.
    If one dumbass is scared off from doing damage it pays for itself.
  13. What kind of bike alarms are you talking about? Do you mean the disk-locks with the motion sensor things that detect tilt?
  14. Being a bike HIGHLY desirable by new riders, you're in the worst situation :mad: Because it won't be people who have been riding for xyz years and have respect and know how to sit on it, etc. It'll be retarded newbies who might drop it :S

    I've thought to myself if I was out somewhere and saw a beautiful bike I just loved, would I sit on it (knowing that I'd be 200% extra careful to not change anything or to put any marks on it). Despite knowing that I could of course easily do it in a way that wouldn't harm it in any way, I still never would without permission! As others have said, if someone wants to have a sit with me there, no problems at all its actually a compliment.
  15. :LOL: This is a brilliant solution!! It will now go in my repertoire of saftey techniques!

  16. Some people are morons. Seriously, some parents seem to think that a bike parked somewhere is a good alternative to those coin operated rides littered around shopping centres. I was standing outside Northland food court a week or two ago having a ciggie, and there were a couple of bikes parked there, as is usually the case. Some woman came out with kids in tow, eldest son of about 4 ran up to one of the bikes, going "Wow...look mum, motorbike! I want a ride!" So at this point she reaches down and goes to lift him up on to the seat.

    Now whilst the bike was in a sorry state - a badly cared for K100 with rust and a torn seat, it makes no difference. I coughed loudly and told her not to put her kid on the bike. She demanded to know why she couldn't in this really pissed off tone. I then asked if she'd mind if I went and walked over the top of her car, got inside and flicked all the switches, left the hazards and wipers on, and pulled the bonnet release. To which she says to me "Well there's no need to be so f&^%ing rude" and walks off.

    The logic of some people :roll:
  17. Luckily in this case there was (doesn't seem to be) any "damage". I'd just like half my Monday back from polishing off the scuff marks and general clean and for checking everything thoroughly.
    It would have normally taken a 15 minute wash and polish not half a bloody day.

    I'm glad it was on the center stand too.

    Still p!ssed about the rudeness though.
  18. Nibor got punched for just barely leaning on a fellow bikers pillion seat :shock:... so the bike protection thing can be taken too far.

    I whole heartedly agree, definitely no sitting on someone else's bike without permission and most definitely no f'cktard joe shmo public.

    My bike is alarmed... and proud to be so.

    The sensitivity is set very HIGH too... to respond to very low inputs... sometimes the cooling exhaust noises will even set it off :LOL:... but better that than someone messing with it or ripping off the rack without at least some warning to all around.

    I've had riders give me curry over having the alarm... meh, juz jealous I guess. :?
  19. DESTROY THEM! :twisted:

    My minimonster was tampered with once at a shopping centre, though frankly they could have done a better job.

    Highbeams switch and killswitch were both flicked. Sat down, turned the key. "That's odd, the highbeam's on!", so of course a quick check of the indicators, killswitch and fueltap before I even thumb the starter.

    I was pretty offended. I mean, if you're going to tamper with a bike to get your mallrat giggles on, at least do it subtley so the 'prank' is a surprise, yannow? :p
  20. Mate you should have seen the action when the Tech School was next door.
    Northlands was a no go if you had a shiny bike or car 20 yrs ago.
    Maybe it's still the same.