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who said u cant get a 6 cylinder bike

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Willzah, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. No-one said that. Also, Honda CBX.
  2. A lovely bike, with all the usual 70s Italian faults :LOL:

    There are a few threads about multi-cylinder machines. Moto-Guzzi built a V8 500cc bike for GP racing back in the 50s

    Honda's effort was probably the most outrageous; a 5-cylinder 125cc race bike, in the 60s.
  3. Allesandro de Tomaso, he of the epynomous car company, had dreams of also being a world famous bike manufacturer and he owned Benelli at the time. The company itself, like most Italian bike companies, had been and continues to be in numerous hands as poor financial management and successive bankruptcies and bailouts take place.

    Of course, Benelli had a wonderful history. It was on one of their machines that Australian, Kel Carruthers, won the 1969 World 250cc Championship.


    de Tomaso, ever the one to seize the chance to make a buck, thought he'd scopp the Japanese in the superbike stakes and build a 6 cylinder superbike. He began by slavishly copying the Hondas 500/4 engine and then added two more cylinders. The bike was heavy and expensive but exclusive and still commands big prices whenever one of them (rarely) comes up for sale.


    You don't have to look hard to see where the Benelli Sei engine came from. :wink:
  4. goldwing?
  5. started as a four, but, yes, now a flat six

    and don't forget the mighty Pipe Organ, the Kawasaki Z1300 !
  6. Wow. 1.1L six. Pity it only makes 180hp, but its probably too wide for a sport-bike.
  7. It's a sports tourer, which is what a six is perfect for, should make fours seem crude and agricultural. Plenty enough power for that role.
  8. I never said you couldn't get a 6 cylinder bike either... in fact at one stage I owned a Kawasaki Z1300 and a mate owned a CBX1000 (also 6 cylinder).

    I used to love the look of the Benelli sei but the real truth is that the honda CBX1000 and the Kawasaki Z1300 were more reliable, faster and sounded just as good.
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  10. The laverda V6 is my favourite bike ever.


    1L V6 endurance racer. On its one and only racing outing for the 1978 bol'd'or it recorded the highest top speed of any four stroke at 283km/h, 30km/h faster than the best works honda.

    It was supposed to be a test bed for new road bike technology, but unfortunately the company ran out of money.

  11. then there was the Morbidelli v8.

    though it was mainly a marketing exercise for the company.
  12. Man, that Evo bike's been in the pipeline for a while now. Sure would be good if they made it.
  13. I think the suzuki has been even longer.
  14. They will sell hardly any, and they know it.
  15. Yes, it sort of reminds me of the GTS 1000 in that regard.