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Who said the US Military was a dangerous profession

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by pvda, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. I stumbled across these facts & stats while surfing around a US Navy site today, sorry but it's a really long list.

    Traffic Death Updates
    September 30 -- Four Sailors (three ET2s and one EM2) from USS Abraham Lincoln died in a single vehicle mishap in Seattle. They were in a speeding BMW that sheered a power pole and flipped over, ejecting three of the Sailors. All four died instantly. It was unknown whether alcohol or drugs was a factor in the crash.

    September 29 -- A private from HQ CO, 6TH MAR REGT, 2D MARDIV, was a passenger in a Jeep driven by a fellow private in North Carolina. He wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and suffered fatal injuries when he was ejected during a collision. Also, a sergeant from 6MCD PISC MCRS in Atlanta was riding his motorcycle and lost control on a curve. He veered off the road and collided with a concrete pillar. He was wearing a helmet, but was killed on impact.

    September 27 -- A sergeant from HQHQRON, MCAS Cherry Point suffered fatal injuries in a car wreck near the air station. He was a passenger when the driver lost control and crashed into a culvert. The car went airborne for more than 100 feet, rolled over and hit a tree. He wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and was ejected from the back seat. Also, a PFC from NAVCONBRIG Charleston collided with a tractor-trailer on an interstate highway in South Carolina just after midnight. The tractor trailer rolled over the Marine’s car, killing him instantly.

    September 24 -- An IT2 from USS Higgins suffered fatal injuries in a car wreck in San Diego (he was a passenger). Also, a sergeant from H&HS in Miramar, Calif., was riding his dirt bike (which wasn’t equipped with a headlight) at night and collided with a civilian who was also riding a dirt bike. Fatal injuries.

    September 23 -- An STG1 from Mobile Inshore Undersea Warfare Unit 501 died in a motorcycle wreck near Lajolla, Calif. He lost control and ran into a utility pole.

    September 22 -- A staff sergeant from H&S BN, 4TH MLG, lost control of his car near Allentown, Penna. He was ejected and suffered injuries that proved fatal the following day.

    September 17 -- A SGT from 1ST RECON BN, 1ST MARDIV, died when his motorcycle collided head-on with another motorcyclist on Palomar Mountain Road in California. The accident occurred at 12:30 a.m.

    September 9 -- At approximately 1215, a CE2 from NAS Brunswick was riding his motorcycle in a parking lot in Bath, Maine. He suffered critical injuries when he broadsided a car. His spinal cord damage and brain swelling proved fatal on September 13.

    September 1 -- A lance corporal from 2D LAR BN, 2D MARDIV, was killed when he was ejected from a car driven by a fellow Marine. The driver had been speeding and trying to pass in a no-passing zone when he lost control and the vehicle rolled. The lance corporal wasn’t wearing a seatbelt

    September 2 -- At 0200, a staff sergeant died in a single vehicle mishap near Tyler, Texas. Also, an E-4 from USS Harry S Truman died in a motorcycle wreck when a truck pulled out in front on him in Virginia Beach, Va. He was wearing a helmet and wasn’t speeding.

    August 31 -- A PFC from 11TH MAR, 1ST MARDIV, was killed in a wreck on an interstate highway near San Clemente, Calif. The accident occurred just after midnight. He lost control and his vehicle rolled several times and slammed into a concrete culvert.

    August 27 -- A CWO2 from USS Boxer was riding his motorcycle with a group when he had to maneuver to avoid a truck that was stopped after a blind curve. He was struck and killed by another motorcycle.

    August 21 -- An ASAA from USS John C Stennis was killed in a single-vehicle mishap near Seattle, Wash. He was pronounced dead at 0200 the following day.

    August 20 -- A corporal from MCB Quantico was riding his motorcycle near Dumfries, Va. He died in a wreck when he lost control on a curve and hit a fence. Also, a lance corporal from 1ST MARDIV/3D AA BN was hit and killed by a car while he was walking down a highway median in Oceanside, Calif.

    August 19 -- A gunnery sergeant and a corpsman (both from the School of Infantry East) were trying to cross a highway. The sergeant was struck by a car and killed while trying to keep the corpsman from being hit.

    August 18 -- An HN from Naval Hospital Jacksonville suffered fatal injuries in a motorcycle wreck.

    August 17 -- A PFC from III MEF/3rd MARDIV lost control of his vehicle. It rolled and ejected him, causing fatal injuries.

    August 8 -- An E-3 from USS Dwight D. Eisenhower was killed in a car wreck near Mt. Vernon, Ky. An E-3 shipmate was injured.

    August 7 -- A corporal from MCB Quantico was killed in a wreck on I-95 near Springfield, Va. He ran into the back of a dump truck in a construction zone. His vehicle was thrown into another lane and struck by another vehicle.

    August 5 -- A sergeant from 1st MARDIV suffered fatal injuries when his car was struck head-on near Twentynine Palms, Calif. Also, a lance corporal from 2D MLG, II MEF died in a wreck between Florence and Columbia, S.C. He had been speeding and lost control of his car as he rounded a corner on a side road adjacent to I-20.

    August 2 -- A seaman apprentice from USS Nevada died in a car wreck near Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor. His car left the road and struck a tree broadside. The car was nearly broken in half.

    July 29 -- At approximately 0245, a PFC from 2D MLG, II MEF apparently fell asleep at the wheel on an interstate in West Virginia. The vehicle swerved, flipped and came to a stop in the middle of the road. PFC got out of the car and was struck by an oncoming vehicle.

    July 23 -- A CTTSN from USS Tarawa died from injuries suffered in a motorcycle wreck on the previous afternoon.

    July 18 -- A lieutenant (j.g.) attached to USS Maryland died from injuries suffered in a motorcycle wreck that occurred on July 10. A truck had pulled in front of him at an intersection.

    July 17 -- A seaman from NavSubSchool ho apparently died in a motorcycle wreck near Groton, Conn. His body was found on 19 August.

    July 16 -- A PFC from TECOM/MCCES lost control of his vehicle; it rolled and ejected him, causing fatal injuries. Also, an O-6 from the Naval Postgraduate School suffered fatal injuries in a motorcycle wreck near Fort Hunter Liggett, California.

    July 4 -- An SH3 from USS George Washington died from complications due to injuries in a single-car accident on June 28.

    July 3 -- A PS3 from NavResCtr Pensacola was killed when she ran into the rear of a stopped truck in heavy fog in Pennsylvania. Visibility of less than 50 feet contributed to a 13-car pile-up.

    July 2 -- A sergeant from 2nd Marine Logistics Group was killed while riding a motorcycle in Brookfield, Conn.; he tried to pass and collided with another vehicle.

    July 1 -- A corporal from HMH-464 was killed when he veered into oncoming traffic near Jacksonville, N.C. No seatbelt. .

    June 26 -- A sergeant from 1ST LAR/1ST MARDIV died from injuries suffered on June 13, when his motorcycle was struck by a car while he was riding in Oceanside, Calif.

    June 25 -- An IT2 from USS Rentz was killed when he lost control of his car and crashed into a retaining wall. Also, an MASN from NavSta Pascagoula was hit by a car while walking on a highway.

    May 29 -- A lance corporal from MALS-11, MAG-11, died when lost control of his car and collided with a pole near Tulare, Calif. A civilian passenger also died.

    May 26 -- A lance corporal from 2D Battalion 3D Marines suffered fatal injuries when he wrecked his motorcycle in Hawaii. Also, an MMFN from NPTU Ballston Spa was killed in a single vehicle mishap.

    May 19 – A sergeant from HMH-462 was fatally injured while riding his motorcycle. He collided with a fire hydrant and died on May 20.

    May 14 -- A corporal from 3RD BN, 6th Marines was riding in the back seat of a car that wrecked near Richland. N.C. He was ejected and suffered fatal injuries.

    May 13 -- A Marine sergeant from MCRD, 4th MCD died in a car wreck at 0300. He ran off the road and collided with a tree near Melbourne, Kentucky. Speeding and wet roads are suspected factors.

    May 12 – An AEAN from VX-9 was riding a motorcycle when he was hit broad side by a vehicle. He suffered fatal injuries.

    May 6 -- An FC1 from Surface Combat Systems Center Wallops Island died in a motorcycle wreck near Salisbury, Md. He lost control and hit a guardrail. Cause of death suspected head trauma.

    May 5 -- A sergeant from HMLA 775 was fatally injured in a motorcycle accident near Johnstown, Pa.

    April 30 -- A lance corporal from MALS-12 was crossing railroad tracks and was killed by a train in Iwakuni, Japan.

    April 29 -- At 0245, a PRAN from VAW-117 lost control of his motorcycle and died in a wreck while returning to NAS Point Mugu.

    April 28 – A corporal from TECOM/SOI WEST was riding in a car that was going far in excess of the speed limit. Driver lost control, struck center divider and another car, and went off the road. All occupants were ejected. Corporal was killed, and two other Marines were injured. Also, a sergeant from TECOM (The Basic School) was killed when he was ejected through the sunroof of a vehicle after it rolled over.

    April 15 -- An MM2(SS) from USS Oklahoma City was speeding near Harbinger, N.C. He wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, lost control and was ejected.

    April 14 -- An E-3 from USS Saipan died in a car wreck on a highway near Wichita, Kansas. At 0210, a car crossed the median and collided head on with the Sailor’s car.

    April 13 -- A 21-year-old MNSR from USS Pelican died in a motorcycle wreck near Ingleside, Texas. He lost control, drove into a ditch and hit a pole.

    April 10 -- A lance corporal from 4th MLG/6th ESB died after losing control of his car and hitting a tree.

    April 8 -- A seaman from USS Nashville died in a wreck around 2000 hours near Elkview, West Va.

    April 6 -- A lance corporal from the 1st Marine Division was killed when he jumped out of his car on a California interstate and was hit by traffic. Police found his body at 0255. Also, an AMAN from NPDC/CNATT Lemoore lost control of his motorcycle, ran off a road and overturned.

    April 4 -- A Marine lieutenant colonel from MCRD Parris Island was killed when she pulled onto a highway near Beaufort, S.C,. and her car was struck by a dump truck.

    April 3 -- An HM3 attached to 1st Battalion, 5th Marines, lost control while driving a rented car in California. He suffered fatal injuries when the car hit a boulder and rolled over.

    April 1 -- A Marine CWO3 from MAG-12 lost control of his motorcycle while riding in Japan. He suffered multiple injuries and died of cardiac arrest.

    March 31 -- A corporal from the 1 st Marine Division was killed by a bus while walking across a street in Los Angeles just before midnight. And a QM3 who had detached from USS Kitty Hawk died in a wreck in Arizona en route to his new duty station.

    March 29 -- An MM3 who had been in a wreck on March 19 died. He was from Arco (ARDM-5) and had crashed his motorcycle into a parked car in Navy housing in San Diego. He wasn’t wearing a helmet and died from severe head trauma.

    March 25 -- An E-1 from USS Saipan died in a car wreck near New Tazewell, Tennessee. He ran off a state highway at 3:14 a.m. and was ejected from his car.

    March 11 -- A Marine PFC attached at 6th Marine Corps District, Atlanta, died in a single vehicle accident in Douglasville, Georgia. He was speeding when he lost control of his pickup truck on a curve, flipped and hit a tree. A BU1 from NRD St. Louis was killed when his motorcycle collided with a vehicle that abruptly crossed in front of him. The mishap took place near Wildwood, Missouri.

    March 5 -- A lance corporal from MCRD Paris Island was a passenger when the driver lost control at an intersection near Beaufort, SC. He suffered fatal injuries. Also an E-7 Gas Turbine System Technician (Electrical), who died after a motorcycle wreck in San Diego.

    March 2 -- An FC3 from a training support center was killed in a motorcycle accident in Virginia Beach. He lost control of the motorcycle and ran into the back of a truck that was stopped in traffic at an intersection.

    Feb. 26 -- A PFC from the 1st Marine Logistics Group was ejected and killed when he hit the center divider on a state highway in California. The vehicle rolled several times.

    Feb. 16 -- A seaman from USS McInerney was a passenger in a car that wrecked on an I-95 interchange near Jacksonville, Fla. He was ejected and died at the scene. Driver was DUI.

    DoN PMV Deaths FY06 to date: 144

    And I thought the US toll in Iraq was bad...............