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Who said posties don't nod!?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Donshe, Jun 6, 2007.

  1. Not only did I get one nod today, but also spoke to 2 :shock:

    Was on my way to get a pink slip done and there weer 2 across the road from me who nodded, on my way there manged to score another nod even though I nearly ran a red trying to make eye contact...

    Back home, the same 2 guys were now delivering my mail, and as I stopped at the edge of my driveway to let them through, both said hi and the 2nd one actually complimented my bike...to which I responded with "Yeah, probably as quick as yours"

    But then came the surprising part, he said "Nah mate, those things arent too bad, quicker, don't see many of them outside of UK"

    Hardly anyone ever recognises what my bike is !

    Anyway, thats my story for today, Im glad to have wasted at least a minute of your time :D

  2. You waste a minute of our time but don't tell us what the unrecognised bike is. What's with that?
  3. +1
  4. :(

    Suzuki RG125...
  5. you dont' see too many of them outside the UK, you know...
  6. Aha! I think you were on a ride to Road Warriors Cafe and beyond that I was on.
    I remember that bike: Old school to the max! :grin:

    Kick-start, skinny tyres... and the size of those rims... my gosh, Civic drivers would be jealous :eek:

  7. Maybe they were bobble-heads :p just kidding

    Nice bike, btw :grin:
  8. I'm a postie and I nodded to about 5 people today in Lane Cove area.
  9. Was pulling out of my drive as the postie went by, and he pulled in beside me and leaned in. Thought he was gonna have a go at me about my dog, which sometimes gets out, but he just nodded to our two bikes, grinned and said 'Swap?'. ;)
  10. I stopped at a intersection on Shaftsbury Rd in Eastwood area and a postie rode past me and nodded his head like crazy. I had my head turned towards him but I was actually looking at the traffic light, anticipating the amber.

    By the time I realised what was going on it was too late, he must've nodded about 5 times and had his head turned 90 degrees waiting for me to nod back.

    If you read this, please accept my apology. I am the guy in the black leather jacket on a metallic red GPX250. Happened either today or yesterday afternnon
  11. Bet none of them nodded back :p
  12. my local postie nodded when i was on the scooter, and he recognises my gear, and nods when im on the GPX,

    nod and thow shall be nodded at!
  13. I find the only people i don't get a nod in return is from scooters, whats with that guys (scooter riders) you've got two wheels why not return the brotherly love that come with riding? :grin:
  14. I nod to everyone on 2 wheels & guess what I get nods back from Harley riders, Scooter riders & yes Postie's. You reap what you sow!
  15. I nodded at a guy on a harley once & he thot it was on for a race & sped off the minute lights turned red. That was last time I did that :oops:
  16. Me. Those around my area dont :'(
  17. Do those cats even consider themselves as "riders" do you think?
    They just see it as a means to an end and would not even know about the etiquette involved with the "nod".

    I too have never received a nod in reply :cry: so let them and their thongs, skirts and suits reap their own bad karma!!

    Too harsh? :oops:
  18. Wel this morning I saw a convoy of 4 posties riding down blackburn road the opposite way to me. I nodded as I passed them and they all nodded back in unisen. It was funny. :LOL:
  19. Well considering one of my instructors for my intermediate course in Darwin was also one of my fellow Darwin Mailcentre workmates I dont see why they wouldnt consider themselves fellow riders.

    he had a sweet afterhours ride too
    his name is Bill for anyone up in the Darwin area

    Considering how he rode around Happy Valley raceway on the 750 kwakas I think he was a great inspirer for us learners.

    the 4 way nod in unison would have been a laugh though...
  20. Thats just their bobble heads! :LOL: