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Who said pocket bikes don't hurt!

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by FormerUser3, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. Well I headed down to Warrnambool on Saturday for some racing on Sunday, the day was going great with all of us finishing either 1st or 2nd etc.

    2nd last race of the day and my chain decides to break, then it locks the back wheel, I was coming out of a double apex and the bike stopped and I kept going for about 5 metres.

    My right knee was not in a good way, so ambulance took me to Warrnambool hopsital, the result was 2hrs later some x-rays and it looks like some damage to my ligaments, so crutches and bloody sore knee for a few weeks.

    But I had a hell of fun day.
  2. that will teach you for riding a lawn mower tubby :wink: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    sorry to hera mate , you would think being closer to the ground you would get hurt less.

    ps. should this be a rider down thread :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  3. The bloody lawnmower was flying as well, closer to ground does help but the part of the track I came off is very fast so the acrobatics was more likely what caused the injury.

    Guess it could be rider down, but not out!
  4. any footage ? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  5. What speed were you doing?
  6. Arrrr bad luck mate. Ligament trouble's no fun. Hope you recover fully and quickly.
  7. My guess would be about 30km/h.
  8. Bugga! I'll be on cructhes again in a few days too .. maybe we could have races :)
  9. and they say riding a bike on the road is dangerous :shock:

    Hope you mend quickly mate :)

    PS: milk it for all it's worth won't you mate :grin:
  10. pffft..! This could even be a rider up thread coming off a bike so small.
    Hope you heal quickly..
  11. Do you want a head start, I might be an expert by then, wouldn't wish this on anyone it's so painful.

    Guess that's the price for having fun!
  12. Pocket bikes do hurt..

    When we were out at the pocket bike race track and guy broke 5 ribs..

    Another guy came off and broke his sternum.. which then went on to puncture his heart :shock: He was air lifted to hospital where he had to be revived etc etc..

    I had a few turns around the race track and decided that I was safer on a real motorcycle :)
  13. Geeze Steve, I thought coming off a little bike, you would only get little injuries? Just remember to play it for all it's worth.... you know the thing..... Honey can you bring a beer, Honey can you bring me the remote, yes Honey, sex is good for a bad knee.... :LOL:
  14. sorry about ya stack-- so did you have full leathers on?--- i just got my new pocketbike and now you are scaring me--- but bring it on i be on the track with it soon -- so this may become a reality for me also. :?
  15. Steve's next pocket bike will be something a little more laid back:



    (Get well soon!) :)
  16. Nah we're going to get him one with a sidecar so he can take his crutches with him.. Cant have him missing any races :driver:
  17. At PI a few weeks ago, a workman clearing the SBK stuff had finished for the day and was mucking about with his mate in the paddock on pocket bikes. He had a small accident and did a clean break on his ankle/foot. It was pointing in the opposite direction, made you feel sick just looking at it. Had to be airlifted to Melbourne for vascular surgery. Yuk.
  18. . . . . and ?

    Were you racing other people your age or kids ?
  19. Racing other senior riders, but senior is over 16, so my son was one of the first to stop.
  20. Actualy had my dragons on with my dirt bike knee guards which have full protection, so I am guessing if I had the leathers on I would have suffered more damage to the knee because I wouldn't have been wearing the knee guards.