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Who said an aircraft can't (almost) stop on a dime...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Nickers330, Jun 5, 2011.

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    The MOST impressive 'Go-around' I have seen yet !


    Makes you wonder what the outcome would have been had his arrestor-hook been a little lower 8-[
  2. I love JATO:

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    i wanna see you do that in your air-taxi
    but seriously, that's pretty fkn intense
  4. Let's see an F-18 do that. :)
  5. that's GOT to be deliberate, surely :shock:
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    Can't compete with the Russian, but when I worked for the MOD in the UK when I was an apprentice, we used to fly in converted passenger jets that never had more than a handful of people on them and moderate test equipment. A plane with power to lift 200 people, their luggage and enough fuel to fly to Tenerife takes off and lands really quick when it has almost no passengers, no luggage and the fuel it needs for the test flight!
  7. I gotta admit, I thought the landing in the Canadian bush pilot video Twainharte posted was pretty impressive. (I wonder how many knots the head wind was?) I've never seen anything where anyone in a tail wheel has jumped on the brakes like that and had it balancing on the main undercarriage. Top vid!
  8. Guys, those vids above were IMPRESSIVE !!!
    Did ~ 6yrs of Bush Flying (most of Northern Territory) in C206/210 aircraft (later, twins) and my claim to fame was lifting off with ZERO kts airspeed indicating, on the C206. Nowhere near as impressive as the taildragger/s above but enough to gain a much better trusting understanding of the meaning STOL. Most of my landings were in unsealed (often rather rough, soft, mushy!) dirt strips, of no more than 800m in length. This doesn't mean the whole lot was available - one particular airport just north of Alice Springs had very tall trees at one end - take off too heavy and you would kiss your life goodbye!

    But we didn't have THOSE taildragers...what a hoot that would be...hmmm.. although an 8.5 hr day in the seat (22 takeoffs/landings) would be more like 10-12hrs ! Again, this depends on the taildragger - the C210's average ~ 150 TAS, and proved awesome workhorses.

    I laugh nowadays, in comparison...any runway shorter than around 8,000ft (~2,400m) starts pushing the 'friendship' :)

    Keep the vids coming guys... really enjoyed them both!
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    Silly question: Is there a reason why he aborted the landing? Was the approach all wrong/too fast? (i'm genuinely interested.. i am a noob at these things haha)
  10. blackadder,
    To be honest, I'm not sure mate. As you said, he may have been too fast or 'not on the ball' coming in to land, leading to the late wave-off.
    There are documentaries showing US Naval Aviators carrying out successive go-arounds for various reasons...too high/low (not on the ball), too fast, too slow, sudden ship movement screwing up the view of the touchdown zone at the last moment etc.
    On final approach, the touchdown zone is said to appear the size of a tennis court !
    Usually during a go-around, there's not that much backstick input - in the vid, it seems very sudden and very exaggerated. I wonder if this was a test of some kind. If the arrestor-hook caught on to one of the wires, that would have been detrimental.
  11. Looks like the approach was a tad too fast?
  12. Is there Helium in those tyres??? lol
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    The best job I had was flying Twin Otters up in PNG. I always smile when I watch this this Twin Otter landing right on the edge of stalling.

  14. My guess:
    Carrier dude looks like he was too slow (nose up and just over stall), and was yawing a bit to starboard.
    Since they go to full throttle as they hit the deck (in case they don't collect the arrester and have to "touch and go"), it would have had him spearing off to the right towards the tower and off the runway regardless.
  15. At the AGP one year (1990) the Army had a wide array of aircraft on display. One was the Pilatus Porter an STOL aircraft. We watched it land and take off infield between Turn 1 and Honda corner. Quite impressive, particularly as it reverses pitch on landing and watching and waiting for the prop to turn into a lawnmower.
  16. The area from "Turn 3" up to the Paddock Area is referred to as the Air Strip because back in PI's heyday it was a functioning landing strip for light aircraft during race meetings.

    It's interesting to watch a Herc reverse park as I did at the RAAF Point Cook Air Pagent last year.

    I can remember being at the Calder Park Thunderdome in the late 80's when were asked on the marshals radio to get everyone as far back from the pit lane wall as we could.

    Next thing the Army landed a Nomad on the pit lane, turned around and took off again.

    Certainly impressed the visiting NASCAR people over from the states as well as the locals.
  17. He aborted because he got a little low and pulled up, and the aircraft stalled, so rate of decent stayed the same or increased, while pitch up increased, so he freaked (as you would) firewalled it and tried to break his own sternum with the stick. The top Russian stuff I've flown in FlightGear is like that. There is enormous control authority, even beyond the stall, but it's not really care-free handling in the way the latest american FBW stuff is. It's not really better or worse, it's just different, and you can outsmart yourself big time.

    If the arrester hook had been a bit lower ... the 'landing' would have been hard enough to collapse the gear and probably destroy the aircraft. It wouldn't have done the pilot a lot of good either.
  18. whoa mad skills all round there in these videos
  19. Did ya check out some of the other carrier landing crash vids? One has the trap wire failing and flinging back at the deck crew... one guy on deck starts jumping on the spot as quickly and as high as he can... another hapless guy got clobbered at ankle level. Owwwch.