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Who runs their own business?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by removed-6, Dec 2, 2006.

  1. In the interest of giving myself a free plug, I thought maybe we could get a list of people here who run their own business, so the Netrider community can support their own where possible. So I will start with me, add your name to the list if you qualify.

    Triway- All types of Fencing, Gates and Balustrade & part time massage therapist. Melbourne.

  2. Me too. see web below. Also do electronic design and microprocessor programming.
  3. ok i'll add to it. even though it ain't mine but my dads, i will inherit it 1 day. we have a local bottleshop and i know most people drink so come on over, but don't expect anything for free....
  4. My family have been involved in transport for 5 generations now... trucks, taxi's and buses and early on horse and carts.

    My business (well half mine anyway) is a local bus company.

  5. Hey why not,

    I run this great website, you guys might have come across it, netrider.net.au :p:p:p

    I run a sublimation business from home. I put photos on stuff like, mugs, stubby holders, mousepads, jigsaws, coasters, keyrings, etc, etc.

    I have a banner that is displayed along the top of the site every now and then ;)
  6. I run my own business as well. :cool:
  7. Care to elaborate a bit??
  8. I have a FT job, but I also do resume development and interview tips/techniques (more for enjoyment than $) - no website, email rezumesthatwork@yahoo.com.au small fee gets you a general resume and any tips needed to move you into the career you want or just some general advice.
  9. I've been self employed, and will be again when I get around to setting up another ABN and company name.
    If anyone needs any sort of upholstery or cover work done, that's what I do.

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. Typical G! ...should be known as BHP. I'll let him share what he does if he wishes, but by all reports, he's pretty darn good at it.

    Typhoon, do you do motorcycle seats?

    Cool thread... I'm watching with interest...
  11. I'd love to contribute to that - but being part of a national franchise group, our advertising is supposed to be territorial :?

    Work for Wizard Home Loans, and have done many loans for people overseas, so interstate not much of a problem if you like internet and fax :wink:
  12. Well, I am also one for a free plug, but I support netrider in other area's, more advertisers would be most welcome on this site. :)
  13. Rob, I can do anything! I've done leather lounges, full interior fitouts on large motoryachts, shopping centre seating, restaraunt seating, leather car interiors, industrial sewing (oil spill control booms) marine canvas work etc. I've lost count of how many bike seats I've done, road and trail.
    However, the cost of you freighting your seat up and back to me will probably make me too expensive!
    I start a full time job on Monday, so we'll see how that goes, but I'm still setting up for small jobs on the side.
    This is my truck seat, was a quick job when we were quiet at work a while ago:

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. I *may* end up regretting this...but I'm producer of the small business website on ninemsn ( http://smallbusiness.ninemsn.com.au/ ) and we like profiling small businesses in our "real life insights" section.

    If you think you'd like to be interviewed and your business might appeal to our audience, I'd be happy to see what I can do (PM me).
  15. I would appeal to all the fat-arse lazy stay at home mums that cant be bothered putting any effort into xmas shopping. :rofl: they can just order presents off my website :grin:

    Will your Melbourne studio interview me?
  16. Heheh, Vic it's ninemsn, the online division, not Channel 9 studios ;)

    Sure, we profile businesses all over Australia...it's my decision who we select, so don't worry about that (did I mention I love chocolate?? lol)
  17. Cadbury roses do??

    They are a hit with the wife ;)
  18. Well she wont blow her own trumpet so i will, Speed (Hiedi) is a self employed artist, mostly animal portraits(but she does others).
    You have to see some of these for real to see the detail and realism.

    You can see some pics here.
  19. Oi, I was going to do that :p