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Who rode to work today?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jirf88, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. I did!

    It was, errr, fresh. To say the least. And now that I'm at work time is dragging, so....

    Who else rode to work today?
  2. er, I would suggest quite a few ride to work everyday, yes it gets cold, it rains, other times it's damn hot.
  3. Yep I ride to work everyday, rail or shine (hail yet to be advised)

    EDIT: ahhh that should read rain or shine, I do not ride public transport.
  4. jirf88 - lucky you live in Australia and can enjoy the WARM weather
  5. I rode to work

    Was quite a nice morning, even though it was 4c at 8am

    Thankfully i didnt leave for work until 10am :D

    Was a very nice ride in.
  6. I didn't, but that's because I have a day off today. Normally I ride to work every day unless it's screaming down rain when it's time to leave and then I take the wife to work and keep the car for myself.
  7. I sat on the train in full Leathers making vroom vroom noises.

    Does this count?
  8. I rode in, it was a foggy -1C at 9am, my hands were a bit chilly but otherwise it was all good.
  9. They say its the thought that counts, Geeth, but in this case, no.
  10. I rode in, as I do every day. The only exception is if I have to carry some major science experiment to do with my class - that sometimes won't fit in the bag.
  11. :tantrum:
  12. It would count if you wore full protective gear and took a set of handle bars with you.

    Pics or it never happened.
  13. This is me.. i swear

  14. Lies. You are not the stig.
  15. I would like to ride to work, the only problem is the distance.

    from the bedroom to the study :(
  16. pocket bike or segway.
  17. I rode in today. Hello to anyone who saw me :grin:

    I'm such a hard bastard i even used my Summer gloves :cool:
  18. I rode in on my new (secondhand but very low kms) bike which I picked up on Saturday after being off the road for a few weeks, it was lovely :]
  19. Indeed. Theres this guy who I pass every day on my way to work. (Grey Suzuki down Windsor rd, encase they're a Netrider) I've seen him riding in a gale force downpours. Now thats hardcore.
  20. Stop sooking. Sydney's balmy this year compared to last year.

    Lost a testicle last year. Still haven't found it.