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Who rode on Wednesday (Melbourne)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mick No:8, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. Just wanted to know who rode their bike on Wednesday as wind was reaching around 120km. I rode that day (freeway) and lived :grin: there was time when things got scarey but just keep my wits about.

  2. I ride everyday.
  3. I did, over the Westgate before it was closed.. Trick is not to ride slow when there are high wind speeds :)
  4. I had to ride coz it's my only form of transport. On going home just after dark one intersection on the Princess Hwy one of the traffic lights had a black out and also there was another intersection in glenn huntly that had a black out.

    Other than that during the day riding was pretty normal for me. Except that I cant seem to ride in a straight line :)
  5. I did, and I crashed my bike thanks to the tram rails on High St in Kew. See my post "Thanks for the dislocated shoulder, tram track!"
  6. I guess the advantage of having an old, heavy, tourer is that it holds the rode beautifully. Even in a hurricane. :LOL:
  7. yep.. I ride every day...

    was pretty scary at times on the freeway
  8. yep :) rode home (30ish kms or so) with a slab of beer strapped to the back :)
  9. it was windy?! couldn't tell except for all the cagers forgetting how to drive and having accidents with eachother... it was all good.
  10. I rode my new C50 to work after picking it up. It was challenging with the new tyres when the rain hit half way there but good fun :shock:
  11. Went out when all the power was out. (frankston area)

    That was hairy enough for me..
  12. I did ( I ride everyday too) it was fun. something different hey. Box Hill to Greensborough. Rain was coming at me horizontally . Few trees on the ground, all traffic lights out along Fitzimmons Lane. All good. My biggest problem is I cant touch the ground very well at all, so when i stop it can sometimes nearly blow me over - trick is to keep moving :grin: Biggest concern for me was that our roller door didnt work cause no power and theres no other way to open it manually ( that i could see anyway- how dumb) so bike had to stay in drive- under some very! large tress ( that had already dropped big limbs ) .

    Kate ( Mrs ICE)
  13. Just another day in paradise for me. Allow a bigger buffer around me, and no worries. Of course, I do ride a 300kg cruiser!
  14. I did also ... ( I ride everday ). I also learned just how good my Rjay's tailbag doubles as a "SAIL' :eek:hno:
  15. wow - that is really not safe Kate.. you should probably look at some lowering links or something..
  16. Kate, there should be a little lever inside your garage on the motor, that connects to the roller gear on the door.( there is on mine) When you pull the lever down it disengages the motor gear from the door gear and you should be able to open/close it by hand.
  17. Hey Warnerbrother, havent fallen over yet due to the wind in the last 25 years , just always wonder if it may happen :wink:
  18. so all the bikes you have ridden in that time have been too big for you to touch the ground properly :shock:
  19. Yeah majority of em. And??? shall i just limit myself to cruisers or 125???
  20. Or just 125 cc cruisers. nah may just stop riding cause im too short :rofl: