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Who rides with iPod/music?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RRdevil, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. Just wondering what percentage of people ride with music playing in their ears. I don't but am just curious as I see it a fair bit on my way into work

  2. I do. Blue toothed from the iPhone thru the Sena.
  3. yes on long rides or any ride other than a work commute.
    I have some with in line control, so helps to control volume, songs and can stop and start etc when required.
  4. Okay I'm going to expand on it a bit then. What circumstances do you ride with music if you do?

    Example: only on long touring trips or commuting or weekend blat?
  5. every ride.. bar the work commute :)
  6. All the time. I find that when I really need to concentrate, I stop hearing it. You could ask me what song I was listening to, and I couldn't tell you.
  7. When on joy rides i do. Commuting and general shopping shit i don't
  8. yeah it helps me concentrate.. music always has, I'm an auditory person.

    Oh... I don't listen to music on track days... hmmm maybe I should, better concentration...

    Oh... I sometimes pause music if I'm on rough dirt road or real twisty steep road if wet.. sometimes I need to properly hear the bike to make sure I don't stall or do anything stupid.
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    Music on a ride !
    Wankers one and all.
    Listen to music while chilling out at home-this is bike riding.
    Ear plugs are a joke
  10. So Blabbs...we'll take that as a no then....
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  11. This is kind of what I was going to get into. Without the abusing though. How can you expect to control the motorcycle properly without the audio cues of what the bike is actually doing and what is happening around you

    Never worn earplugs either
  12. Who says you don't have audio cues? My helmet is pretty good, but I can still hear (and feel) what is happening.

    Then you might find you damage your hearing.
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  13. *puts hand up* i'm a wanker in every way.

    spent years riding bmx religiously with music banging in ears from my sony discman so it was second nature to transfer that to riding motorbikes - with the exception of perhaps the first week....every ride i am listening to music - can't pay attention as well without a beat to work to - i find it helps me focus.
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  14. I dont really give a shit on all the hoity toity rubbish.
    Going for a ride to me is a flat out,balls hanging good time.
    Visual,aural ,vibrating orgasm.
    fcuk wearing PPE and reducing the enjoyment.

    Only because you ride shitboxes-ride a duke man,its all about the vibe.
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  15. I'm always out of control on the bike... sometimes I ride with my eyes closed.
    I love it when my visor fogs up cause then I can;t see or hear anything... such a rush!
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  16. Meh, do most of my riding on freeways commuting, couldn't do with out them.
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  17. I've got more chance of losing my hearing from going into the engine room of an old GM locomotive with a v16 diesel 2 stroke with each bore being 645ci. That'll make you go deaf. Even with earplugs and ear muffs on.

    Seems a serious thread is off the rails thanks to blabbs again :D

    Earplugs or music?
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  18. Yep, listen to music all the time. Great on long trips. Use the Sena Bluetooth.
  19. Radio normally, JJJ. Using the inner ear headphones.
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  20. I've thought about getting the molded head phones. The ones which came with the android are comfortable, they just come out very occasionally.