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Who rides the Great Alpine Road?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by bazz21, Aug 27, 2014.

  1. okay guys who of u ride the great alpine road regularly i see hundreds of bikes going passed my door and was wondering how many of them are from netrider , and i need to mark my drive way so those that do can have cuppa or if in need of any help i have a pretty good work shop and a trailer cheers bazz

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  2. That's a brilliant and very generous offer , Bazz ! I'm certainly not a regular but I love doing it when I'm over in Victoria.
  3. Great post Bazz!
    Likewise, only get over the hill about once a year but would be great to stop by :D
  4. cheers guys if u come over the hill just let me know ill meet u some where for a ride cheers bazz
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  5. I don't ride the GAR on a daily basis but stick out a netrider flag and I'll be sure to stop by.
  6. do we have a flag t shirt or some thing i can get creative i suppose cheers bazz
  7. Your a good man Bazz and a lucky one too, some of the best motorcycling roads in Oz literally on your door step!!
  8. I get up there a couple of times a year.
  9. yes im lucky

    let me know when u are up and remember if need help im here most days except early February thats when i ride home to tassie to see family chers bazz
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  10. Great offer, wave the flag :)

  11. GAR is awesome.

    its local to me too so no doubt i'll see you somewhere on the roads.
  12. I hope to be on that exact piece of road in the next two weeks making my usual spring pilgrimage to Netrider Central (Victoria)....
  13. the road is clear and good only 50 cm of snow on top and with the temp rising to the mid 20s early next week there wont be much left . if you dont mind company give me a pm when u might becomming through ill meet u some where cheers bazz