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Who remembers Hodaka?

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by rc36, Jul 4, 2005.

  1. Hodaka was a very successful dirt bike range imported from Japan into the USA and marketed by a company called Pabatco.

    They are mostly rememebred because the bikes had crazy names...Dirt Squirt, Combat Wombat, Road Toad, etc.

    Does anyone still have one gathering dust in the back shed??

  2. I've got a pic of me on my Ace100B somewhere at home. I've seen a few in my life and they come up on ebay occasionally. Not a bad bike in the 70's
  3. It always used to amuse me the names that they called them.
  4. A mate of mine had a combat wombat... I never had one (I bought a bombadier instead).

    Some fun bikes in the range though...
  5. A friend of mine had a Bombardier Road trail bike. It was a bit of mind flip getting used to the gear change on the right and foot brake on the left. :D
  6. Hm something in the back of my mind tells me a susuki with a yamaha engine... a racing bike?? a Yamdaka?? Suzuka?