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Who reckons Haneef's detention is Howards 07 "Tamper&qu

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. None of the news media have said it yet.

    But i reckon the Haneef detention will be the Howards "Tamper" draw card for 2007.

    BTW . . . I'm for his detention !!

    (the network is down here at work, i thought i'd view my political stance) :LOL:

  2. I thought the "comandeering" of all the Aboriginal settlements was his big card this time round. I reckon Haneef is a bit like a joker (the card), howard wasn't really expecting it, but he'll use it to his advantage...
  3. Re: Who reckons Haneef's detention is Howards 07 "Tampe

    why? what about all of this leads you to that opinion?
  4. Micky,

    I reckon the aboriginal crisis was going to be his Tampa issue this timearound , but this is the cream on the cake.

    The media down here have meantioned a comparison to the 2001 Tampa issue at election time.

    And I also agree on his detention.
  5. Re: Who reckons Haneef's detention is Howards 07 "Tampe

    He has a beard.

    He's totally guilty.
  6. I bet there are dozens (or more) 'hannefs' under surviellance in this country at this time, whether an election, state or federal, is upcoming or not....
  7. A mate of mine is on the ASIO watch list, he's white middle-class, he just happens to have a penchant for all things communist, and ordered a few books from Russia that got 'noticed' coming through customs...
  8. How can he possibly know this information? :?
  9. its not me... i sware...

    <<< looks at my vvs avatar.... hmm still not me.. i sware
  10. Are you mates with Marlon as well ???
  11. I noticed while watching Mr Andrews on the news this morning that it sounded like he was quoting the legislation, something along the lines of "Information that reasonably show's he's been involved in...":

    Sounds like you dont even have to prove guilt for this one, which is very dodgy. The whole thing is dodgy. A magistrate decided he wasn't a flight risk or a risk to the community, but oh it's election time, wouldn't want the government to not look like it's doing something... :roll:
  12. Didn't they, like, arrest him before he go on his one-way ticket to India?
  13. Anything he now gets imported gets to him opened, resealed and with a big sticker on it saying that is has been checked due to the fact he's on the watch list...
  14. If Tony Mokbel can get out of the country then I'm sure this terrorist can.

    He already had a 1 way ticket back to India about to get on a flight when they grabbed him.
  15. If its true that he gave the sim card to the others arrested then that just tuff luck for him and he should be detained until the authorities have got all the info that they want and if it takes ten years then so be it.Wheather he knew what was going on or not hes connected to terrorists,so tuff luv mohammid :cool:
  16. How d'you know he's a terrorist, you murderer!
  17. I'm inclined to characterised Haneef more as Howard's latest "rabbit".
    Out of a hat, that is.
    The thing that's interesting about his detention yesterday, is that the Minister claims to have information from the Federal Police that he is legally bound not to release to the public ( :LOL: ) that compells him to detain Haneef, whereas a magistrate who has heard all the evidence that the Federal Police provided to the court (in an effort to have him denied bail), found that there was nothing of substance in the evidence provided.
    1. Fed. Police Commissioner Mick Kelty is playing politics with the evidence (withholding it from the courts but giving it to the Minister), or
    2. The Government is making up the rules as it goes along to suit own it's political advantage, or
    3. All of the above.

    Trust them with my security? I'd rather dangle my ghoulies in a crocodiles mouth!
  18. Yeah, that's why I'm suprised they released him on bail!

    The whole thing just seems incredibly dodgy and a huge political stunt. I hate to quote Bob Brown but he did sum it up nicely "The Howard Government has always resorted to the fear factor, to the cost of somebody," he said.
  19. I'm bound to point out that when I accused Cambo of being a murderer, I did so on the basis of a reasonable belief, based on evidence that I'm unfortunately unable to reveal to the public.

    I would like to stress that I fully support the principle that one is innocent until proven guilty, and I'm certain that my characterisation of Cambo as a crazed killer will not in any way affect his reputation, job prospects or relationships within the community.

    I assure you that I am not in any way prejudging the matter, and that Cambo will be treated in exactly the same way as any other homicidal lunatic.

    Thank you.
  20. :rofl: