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who really does own a scooter?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by DelusionL, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. 50cc

  2. 125cc

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  3. 200cc

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  4. modified 50cc

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  1. ive noticed most the posts are from bike riders, was curious who the REAL scooter owners are.

    as a curtesy, can only the scooter owners reply. just curious how many of us there are on here.


  2. going well... 25 views in a matter of minutes... and no replies but me..

    cheers fellas for holding back ;) i know u guys love reading the scooter section :p
  3. You should've given us the option for 'no i don't own a scooter'.
    Might've had a few more replies.
  4. Probably should have also considered the fact that scooters are available in sizes larger than 200cc.
  5. 200cc's of automatic barn-pulling Aprilia power. And proud of it 8)
  6. i hang my head in shame and remove my reply
  7. well i tried to alter the poll afterwards. but can only alter the posts not the poll...

    and i wasnt after the bike riders to reply. just scooter owners.

  8. I stopped and looked at a cagiva mito that was on the side of the road with a for sale sign on it today.
    does that count?

    I know its not a scoota but it is a 125, 2 stroke, close enough. :p
  9. I proudly own something even viewed as lower on the scale than a scooter a mountain bike powered by a 48cc 4 stoke 2 speed Ducati of 1952 vintage. top speed at the moment 60 - 65 ks an hour

    What the hell the hoon factor is better than a new super sports of any brand.

    And on my way home on sunday i proudly waved / chattered with at every motorcycle rider i met.

    Highlight was of course the Harley Rider who couldnt stop Laughing and for that fact neither could I
  10. I own a CT110 and I comuted to and from work on it for 2 years. $4 worth of petrol a week!!
  11. I have an Aprilia Scarabeo 50cc Ditech that I rode around for a year and a half (still have it) and it is a pretty good rig. You can just squeeze a slab of beer in the step through.. which makes it sometimes very handy.

    I put a leo vince exhaust on it with a derestricted computer and it will do 75 all day.. totally comfortable in 60km/h traffic..
  12. cheers fellas.. im looking at getting my exhaust and weights done soon. should get 75-80 im hoping.. and then maybe the 70cc bore kit. so checking out others storys.

  13. hee hee, loves those tram lines, doesn't it?

    Tell me why there are SO MANY ROUNDABOUTS up there, there's only about 6 cars in the whole clip!!!??
  14. yeah you will get some pretty good improvements by getting an exhaust put on and even more obviously with a 70 kit.

    I've had a few 50cc's over the years and my favourite was a Benelli 491, liquid cooled with a Malossi exhaust. Gee that bike was a lot of fun. Would get to 80k's as well which was nice. I only just sold it cause it hadn't got much use over the last year since i bought my 200.

    I enjoyed the 50cc's and i'll get another one to do up soon, but i got a bigger scoot so i could get more use out of it for commuting.
  15. tell me about it mate.. they are friggin everywhere up here
  16. hit up my local round abouts the other day.. and speed bumps.. glad ours have got a huge split in the middle. so its clear road as those things are nasty!

    so i gather theres a small group of scoote rriders on her. but generally its the motor bike riders that post the
    most. this aint bad as atleast the forums got some life at times. and from wat i can gather itsnot total hattred.. more of a " well its a start" style of being looked down upon ;)

    catch yas round the place some time :D
  17. I going looking for a scooter for the missus on Monday. probably get her a Jog or something similar
  18. I'd love a scoot. They're just heinously overpriced for what they are. A 150cc scoot would be a hoot at under $2k but the bastards cost 5 or 6...
  19. Does my old Virago count? It was about as big and fast as a scooter with me on it....