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Who reads Rapid Bikes Magazine?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vic, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. And has a copy of this months mag?

    Page 109 is rather interesting :grin:
  2. Linky? It's hard to get over here :p
  3. as in feb?? didnt know it was out yet... will have to the newsagency!
  4. Yeah, the Feb issue was sitting in my PO BOX for when I got back from Tassie.
  5. Don't keep us in suspense, moite. At the very least, scan the page in for us...
  6. netrider ad , cost you much or was this a deal ie: you ad there, they ad here ?
  7. Boobs?
  8. lol that was my first thought :LOL:
  9. no boobs, sorry:
  10. Thanks Goop.

    I didn't know that Netrider was going for ten years. Earliest posts that are on the original Yahoogroups date to 2001 and around the time that I joined.

    Here's the first post to announce the Netrider website, too, by John McClumpha. The original address was a .org.au.

    ---------[start of original message]---------
    Hey guys...

    well it's time for a facelift IMHO

    have a look at https://netrider.net.au/newsite/ for an example

    none of the links work just yet - so don't bother even trying them

    keep in mind this is just an inital concept - comments welcome :)

    Who woulda thunk it - that an initial concept has developed into one of the leading websites in Oz and probably THE leading website for motorcyclists in Oz.

    ------[end of announcement]------

    The lads deserve a round of applause, or even a round, for their efforts.
  11. LOL at it advertising the TNMR :)
  12. It was registered in 1998, I started the yahoo forums in 2001. Prior to that it was an IRC channel.

    And some people waited till all the hard work was done and then wanted to step up and steal the concept and good will that we built up over the years. :roll:

    Thanks for the kind remarks Martin. ;)
  13. So we are 11 this year.

  14. Lokking back, lots of Drizzt's posts.
    Sad to see he is gone :(
  15. Growth figures in the second half of that 11 years would be interesting; when I joined in March '05 I was member 1666; it's gone through the roof since then.....
  16. So you were the catalyst with the devil's number eh preacher?
  17. Do "they" still "own" the .org domain?

    No wuckers. Credit where credit is due...
  18. Thats great ! :)
  19. Yep. All they ever did was put their name on the form when it came time to register the url. They had nothing to do with building what is Netrider today.
  20. I don't read it. I am not attracted to the bikes, they are more artwork than motorcycles.