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Who owns this bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by E2W, May 28, 2011.

  1. About six months ago a rider rang me and asked could I have a look at a CBR250RR that didnt go. I said sure get it around here and I'll fix it. Fast forward to 5 weeks ago and the said CBR250 turns up at the shop on the back of a tow truck but with no contact details of the owner. I've rang the tow company but they say they cant give me any info on the owner due to privicy laws. I've tried a few contacts in the industry that have access to rego databases but nothing has come up in their systems. If the owner of this bike reads this please ring me or if theres anyone out there who has access to check rego numbers please ring the owner and tell them they need to get in touch.

    Rego number is: FM377

    PS: dont ring me claiming the bike if your not the owner. Theres some details I've let out of the post which will identify the owner. Dont try it on.

  2. If nobody claims it I'll give you fifty bucks for the wheels :D.
  3. The tow truck company may not be able to provide YOU the details mate, but ask them to pass your details onto the owner to have the owner call you :).
  4. If nobody claims it, I'll give you $1000 for it. (once you've fixed it hehe)
  5. Just call the local police station, give them the rego and explain it's at your shop and you want the guy to come pick it up. Give them your details. Or do the same with the tow truck company. Or do both!!
  6. do NOT call the police just yet. no need to just yet.
  7. Have tried all of the above with no progress.
  8. There should have been a delivery docket/consignment note from the tow truck stating who the sender is.
    They should have asked you to sign for it. If they didnt, they have no record of you accepting delivery.
  9. Sell it and deny all knowledge of it ever being delivered. (Of course this thread would have to be deleted!)
  10. Find out of the laws re abandoned goods. Don't quote me but i think you will need to hold on to it for 6 Months and if the owner doesn't turn up (provided that you made reasonable attempts to contact him, so make sure you note it all down, including this thread) you can sell it to recoup costs. I'm no lawyer so this is not legal advice, just a suggestion and an opinion.
  11. Which thread about what bike???
  12. Bet my left nut you have some spotty faced shit ring you Monday arvo and ask if it's ready.
  13. GOLD!!! it's odds on isn't it?
  14. Na its not mine, in case you were wondering

    What do you mean the towie cant give the details..? I think you mean it seemed like a lot of effort to write the phone number down.
  15. Ring Sumoto, it's no doubt one of their pieces of shit
  16. Hmmm. "Custom" painted CBR250 that doesn't work and which the owner never wants to see again? Surely not :D.
  17. Sumoto - it's Japanese for 'Bikenogo'
  18. I accept bribes for thread deletions :deal: lmao
  19. I have $1200 saved for my first bike so far, if no one claims it in the time period would you seriously consider sell it to me? I know its a long shot but im seriously after a CBR250RR as my first bike. doesnt matter if its in working order or not just tell me what needs fixing if its not in running order. Please consider it im 100% serious here. Damn just realised how many times i said serious in this post lol.
  20. You sure you want a CBR250RR buzz box, dude? They sound like crap lol. And I think you gotta wring their neck pretty hard to get decent power outta them.
    Have a look at this really good post from mattb: https://netrider.net.au/forums/showpost.php?p=2148242&postcount=15
    All the bikes he's mentioned are learner approved.