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Who needs wet and dry?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by hornet, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. I have been haunted by the imagining of Edgelett's endless hours of polishing her Hornet's headers. As much as I love my Hornet, I just can't set aside that much time and effort.
    So, charging to the rescue comes MC Performance in Trafalgar, Vic. 304 grade stainless steel repalcement headers for all models, from '98 - '02. $850 including postage. See the picture on page 33 of Australian Road Rider.
    Now, why do I have to be looking for a job right now? :cry:

  2. get an engineering degree, one of the other gingerbeers just put in notice today :LOL:
  3. Sure, I can download one of them from some shonky US-based internet university, will that do?? :LOL:
  4. haha, i was just reading that mag today.

    them headers look real nice. well, until that get dirty that is...
  5. Ten minutes down the road from me Paul (and round the corner from my parents)...hmm, maybe I could deliver it back to you? Good excuse for a ride :LOL: This guy is highly recommended and does a lot of business for the dealers too.

    PS: Let me know when you have bought your diploma from US and tell us how many jobs you could get with it, I have been thinking of buying one for some time now :rofl:
  6. Paul I;m so proud of you!
    Once they're clean & shiny it's eash to maintain.
    doesn't everyon give their bike a wipe down after every ride????
  7. 304 stainless will rust with heat and moisture! 316 or 321? is much better, but $$$$$$$$$ and availability. 304 is everywhere, 316 harder to get.
    Personally, I wouldn't buy 304 SS exhaust components and expect them to be low maintenence Paul, especially if they are not already mirror finish. ( a high polish on SS seems to help ward off corrosion).

    Regards, Andrew.