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who needs money now??

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by troy, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. hey everyone
    i need someone to take a parcel for me to north geelong
    i will pay $100 bucks via netbank or cash on monday

    this is not a joke

    im in the burwood area near warrigal road


    please call me on

    0401 010 021
  2. ahh have tried but are way too expensive.. as a point to point
  3. I would have done it if this was yesterday.. Im just working now... Till 7pm...
  4. 100 bucks? Is it no questions asked? :wink: I thought running drugs paid a little better than that :rofl:
  5. i dunno where nth geelong is [not melb i hope]

    if its not as far as glebe to hornsby, a taxi would cost about that.

    thats what i do whenever i need something transported, pop it in a cab!

    cheers :cool:
  6. Burwood (Melb) to North Geelong by taxi would cost a lot more than $100
  7. do you need this done today or is monday OK??
  8. Ok as long as i can see whats in the parcel i can do it monday :grin:
  9. i will also be heading down on monday night if all else fails
  10. I can do it tonight or tomorrow.
    The $100 will help pay my speeding ticket i got this week.
  11. hey guys sorry couldnt reply but was need today around the 1-2pm mark it was just some proximity cards
    and also the internet went down at work so i couldnt reply untill now ( got back from seeing my brother)

    thanks for all the help and thanks to scottie
    for trying
  12. It doesn't need to be delivered at exactly 7pm does it?

    And it would be part of an elaborate scheme to punish people for the Deadly sins? :shock: :shock:
  13. Oops sorry just read this post could have done it for you went to Geelong 2PM Friday straight through North Geelong. Hey I go there quite often so is never out of my way if you ever need somethin delivered again just give me a buzz and I will do it for you. I will PM you my details.