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Who needs energiser when you own a 'firestorm'

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by VTRBob, Aug 31, 2005.

  1. Talk about reliability ! :)

    I bought this thing just after the Supers last year 2004 with 17356 on the clock.

    It went in for its 1st "bikeshop" tune and service today
    ( i've done routeen oil changes etc etc )

    Work done today :
    full check over
    oil / filters
    change s/plugs
    check shims ..... perfect
    Carby balence .. perfect

    Needs ... tyres ( knew that lol )
    Needs.... minor fairing touch ups ( knew that too [ well i did drop her] )

    Ks = 52785 so i've done almost 35500ks in 16mths
    with bare minium attention, and she's still going strong. :D

    Ps: the hard start and misfire she was getting ( promting the service etc )
    one worn spark plug !!

    :LOL: :twisted: :LOL:
  2. Vey impressive figures, Bob, but not entirely unexpected???? Another thread was discussing the longevity of the modern bike, and it's been my observation that most bikes end their lives prematurely, usually from crashing or peripheral damage, but the engines themselves SEEM eternal. Some mechanic will probably correct this, but it's an observation, not a techncial statement.
  3. What more do i need to say other than........
    It's a HONDA!
    Thrash them day in and day out and they will rarely fail if you regularly change the oil!
  4. AND they put a smile on your dial every time you ride them into the bargain.
  5. specially if it's a mighty hornet (1228 kms in 18 hours, boy you guys are going to get sick of hearing about that.....)!! eh, daz?
  6. Good god. The fanboy-ism is alive and well in this thread.

    Excuse me while I go throw up! :p
  7. Bob's a knob
    but his bike's alright !


    I'm a poet and didn't know it !!!

    OK, I'll leave now .........
  8. If I say some nice things about Kawasakis, will I be forgiven?? (Used to own one once, you know.......)
  9. Cowasaki riders are a pretty unforgiving lot!!!