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Who needs a trailer when you've got a motorbike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Maetrik, May 18, 2011.

  1. Motorcyclist straps car doors to his bike


    A MOTORCYCLIST has been caught on camera weaving through traffic on a Melbourne freeway with two car doors strapped to his bike.

    Police have condemned the act of stupidity and warned the motorcyclist faces a string of charges if caught.

    A commuter who snapped the rogue rider on the Western Ring Road on the weekend showed the photo to his boss, Ashley Garraway, who sent the snap in.

    Mr Garraway's employee said the rider was doing 100km/hr and weaving through traffic before the photo was taken.

    "Those doors would be very heavy and it would be hard for him to balance the bike, it's pretty hard to believe anyone would be that dumb,'' Mr Garraway said.

    "It could have pulled him one way or the other.''

    A police spokeswoman said some of the offences that may have been committed by the rider included having an insecure load, having an obscured numberplate, exceeding the mass limit for a vehicle, overtaking whilst unsafe and careless drivimg
  2. Hahaha. A+ for effort. DIY oggy knobs.
  3. "Those doors would be very heavy and it would be hard for him to balance the bike, it's pretty hard to believe anyone would be that dumb,'' Mr Garraway said.

    - spoken by someone who has never ridden a bike. the doors are sitting on what looks like brackets for touring panniers.

    as long as they were strapped on properly, i cant really see this being any more dangerous than riding a fully loaded touring bike :/
  4. They should be congratulating him on his motorcycle safety break through. They look pretty well tied on really. Would make sliding much easier Fo sho.
  5. For a second there I thought he was trying to prove a point about cars not being able to see bikes... lolz
  6. Hahaha love it! Side impact barriers?

    It looks pretty sturdy to me and how do they know the load was too much for the bike? My car door with all door skins, electrics and glass weighs about 50-60kg...removing everything and glass, probably 30kg, making a total of 60...which can be the weight of another person.

    In saying that, I personally wouldn't give it a shot.
  7. Good effort, the guy should be congratulated for taking the initiative and protecting himself from clueless cagers.

    Poor bloody excuse from the copper.

    -insecure load = looks properly bolted down tight, support at the bottom, support at the top, and support on the sides. Far better than a trailer with just one support point or those loads on utes that moves around like nobodys business.
    -obscured numberplate = Agree but your just angry that you cant grab another riders hard earned money for your quota.
    -exceeding the mass limit for a vehicle = two doors would weigh how much, a big bodied pillion could weigh how much? How about a ute towing another vehicle close to its own weight yet thats still legal?
    -overtaking whilst unsafe and careless driving = I call bull crap on this, the guy looked to be taking more care and observing more than the other drivers. He certainly would have been more attentive of the road conditions than that moron behind the wheel taking happy snaps.
  8. AznCruiser, add to that, the driver using a camera while driving, but they weren't picked up on.
  9. I wonder if the penalty for driving his car with no doors would have been worse?

    I can't see anything wrong with this. Well secured and less risky than even having a pillion. It's the media trying to jump on the thrill of BBQ man again.
  10. The weight is all down low, so it wouldnt be hard to ride like that.

    A 15 stone pillion would have the bike wobbling all over the road, considering how high the pillions arse would be, That would make it very top heavy,

    Typical response from a clown that doesnt ride,

    Whats the law on taking photographs while driving,
    Is that similar to texting while driving, He certainly wasnt watching where he was going,
  11. It's a prototype for "Side Impact Airbags" for a bike.........Love the concept considering there are many cagers out there taking photos whilst driving!!!
  12. **** cameras on every ****ing phone and every wanker that has one glued to their ****ing hand.
  13. OMFG !!!111one1! Won't somebody please think of the CHILDREN and all the KITTENS!!!? "Crazed motorcyclist rides at the speed limit on major road".
    If the dumbar$es weren't sitting in he RH lane doing less than the speed limit he wouldn't have had to 'weave*'.

    *safely pass in another lane?

    Last time I checked the Western Ring Rd didn't have any right hand turning lanes either....
  14. I thought the same RE: Car with no doors.

    BBQ was a bit different, he had an object placed on top of him, had he needed to manoueveur or do anything drastic he would have been limited. This guy just had some weights attach to the side really.

    But yes, no mention of the douchebag cager taking a photo whilst driving.

  15. another breakthrough in motorcycle technology.

    Crumple zones ftw

    On a less serious note, they, sitting in their airconditioned, comfortable cages, complain while we are risking our lives to reduce congestion. OK, maybe thats not our primary motivation for riding, but some people need to get off their high horse
  16. Really, were they bags that weighed 400kgs each no one would care. It's because they're bits of precious car that they are worried - probably about the car which they came from. They're thinking "oh no!! someone is driving a car without doors! they must be awfully cold and unprotected!!"

    All we can say is, "welcome to our world".

    Having said that, would love it if this guy hinged those doors to his bike so he could mimic getting in and out of a car with them.
  17. I see no problem with that load. I've done stuff equally ambitious and still appear to be not yet dead.

    I do, however, have a problem with non-riding fwits not minding their own f'ing business.
  18. agreed, and i've had big loads with weird objects (chairs etc) on my bike before too.

    they miss the points that it's securely strapped on, it's supported by the metal brackets that usually take panniers, it's a 100km speed limit road i believe and the people bitching about it have never been on bikes before.

    thank f*uck his number plate was partially covered!
  19. Oh, great, now motorcycles aren't allowed to have doors either?

    How many more of our rights are they going to take away before we snap?!?!?!?!/!?!/!!!1
  20. 100% agree. But media loved that story, and everyone wanted to get on their high horse and pay him out. This appears on the outset very similar, a bike with an unorphodox load. So despite it clearly being straped to the bike well, and not impeding the riders ability, the story is coming to light in the hope it gets the same attention by people who can't understand the differences between this and BBQ man.

    I think even if a copper saw him there would be only a slim chance of him getting pulled over, and if he was, the cop would probably check the straps and then ask him if he could move the straps to display his plate and then let him go with a stern warning.