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Who needs a 3m skip bin hire?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by jonnymac, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. #1 jonnymac, Oct 11, 2016
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2016
    So as many would be aware icemakericemaker the one and only won a 3metre bin skip hire in marczx7marczx7 "Paint it pink for breast cancer " raffle.

    So he lives in the Gong and this hire is for Melbourne. So after discussion Icemaker has kindly donated this back to the cause. So I decided before it gets posted elsewhere we would ask here.

    The thought process is the bin hire is worth $350 plus gst so if someone is wanting a bargain at around half the price ie $200 half the money purchased for this bin will go to the McGrath Fondation and the other half towards the race next year.

    That way not only do you get a bargain but you can also feel warm and fuzzy knowing that money is also going to charity.
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  2. What a good bloke, like all riders from Wollongong!!
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  3. And I'll buy icemakericemaker a beer next time I see him cause he's a good bloke. So everybody wins
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  4. Is there an expiry time on when it needs to be used????
  5. I will check tonight. I seem to think middle of next year but will confirm
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  6. I do need one (probably 3 actually) but I'm in Wagga so it's not much use to me.
  7. I need one to put my feral neighbours in but I live in Moss Vegas!!!
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  8. I sympathise, and anyone who knows Moss Vale Im sure would agree with me!
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  9. Thanks for sorting this out jonnymacjonnymac, worthy causes and cheap as rubbish removal for anyone that needs it, get on it peeps!
  10. Having hired a couple of skips in the past the rule of thumb is, whatever you think you need - double it.(y)
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  11. The other rule is, don't leave it on the street or your neighbours will fill it as soon as your turn your back ;-)
  12. I have a couple of gixxers........and a quite few spares.

    Shame you didn't have two available.

    Good work icemakericemaker
  13. Happy to take those gixxers and spares off ya, Ill save you the cost a skip mate......see nice aint I
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  14. If nobody else is interested i could make use of this to get rid of some green waste.
    Too much time spent riding, the garden has grown wild.
    Also happy to help the cause.
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  15. If there is no time limit, I could be interested. I'd like to get some stuff done in the front yard before the wife gets home.
  16. Nearly as bad as parts of bowral and mittagong!...
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  17. I am very interested if its still available jonnymacjonnymac (y)
  18. I haven't had any firm calls for it other than some questions so unless someone wants to tell me differently now, it's still available.
  19. That's why I live in Wollongong :emoji_slight_smile:
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