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Who messed up my EBay item

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by ZX9A6, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. My MV Agusta 1078 RR radiator was holed the other day not by a stone hitting it but by a stone being jammed in between the guard and the radiator, not happy with myself for Not cleaning out the debris every now and then.

    Looking for a quick fix I went to eBay and found what I was looking for, looked good in the photo so I bought it....yay!

    It arrived today........](*,).........bottom of the radiator has been crushed in two places up to five ribs high and the top of it has been crushed it two places opposite the bottom two ribs down, with a split in one of the ribs at the top about 30 mm's long, now who is to blame......me for buying it, now that's a given lol or the seller or the Shipping company.

    I noticed the box it was in was damaged but not like the blow the radiator has received, so I'm wondering who I should go to get my money back because this item is unusable now.

    Upset B

  2. That sucks.. speak to the ebay seller first.. see if they are going to come to the party..
    how was it shipped? auspost? courier? international??
    with insurance i hope?
  3. Bah.........bad luck indeed.

    I would contact the seller first and see if they will play ball.
    If that fails, did you use PayPal?

    Either way, if the seller doesn't help out then you will need to open a dispute and have a usable item reissued or full refund.

    Hope it all works out mate (y)
  4. ^ Portagrug beat me to it :D
  5. hang on am i reading this right,

    MV Agusta 1078 RR,

    and ebay radiator..... i dont like the sound of this with it not being smashed in....

    anyway carry on,
  6. Yup, get straight onto the seller.
  7. I should of said I got the radiator from the USA, I did use Paypal and I paid many hundreds of dollars for it, but you know....... It's that feeling you get when you get ****ed over from the a hole who did this.

    So I'm guessing this will drag on for f'ing weeks and weeks......

    Not Happy B
  8. Sux bigtime.
    And now they'll probably expect you to pay to ship the rad back to them before they send another one.

    I got my lowering link from the states.
    Packed in THREE post packs!!!!
    Solid s/steel & they didn't want to damage it?????
    Was like those wooden dolls that fit inside each other!! :rofl:
  9. Second............

    Take photos of the packaging and the product.
    Send them to the Seller and request a new item (or have them contact the freight company)

    Good thing you've used PayPal - If the Seller gives you the cold shoulder, have PayPal freeze the transaction until you get a refund or a replacement.

    Good luck B (y)
  10. As others have said try contacting the seller first. If you're not satisfied with their response then open a dispute with ebay's conflict resolution center on the grounds that what you received does not match with how it appeared in the ad. It's then up to the seller to sort it out with whomever they shipped it with (or accept the fact they've been caught out).

    EBay/paypal is actually surprisingly good at sorting these issues out, and does tend to side with the buyer.
  11. Also forgot to mention it was badly packaged, it was in a box that was far to big with a few sheets of news paper, so to me it was a combination of errors and someone is going to have to pay......angry I am.

    Cheers B
  12. Ditto. You wouldn't believe the sort of punishment a parcel is subjected to in transit so correct packaging is paramount.As it sounds like the item wasn't correctly wrapped the transport company - A.Post or whoever-will accept no liability.Your only source of satisfaction is the sender
  13. It's the seller's responsibility to pack items carefully, particularly when they know an item can be easily damaged. As others have said, you should be able to use the poor packaging on a claim. Aus post are the worst. I've ordered fertile chicken eggs (from different parts of Aus) and you have to be careful not to put 'Fragile Eggs' or anything similar on the package as it seems to be an open invitation to smash the box. There's been size 12 boot prints on smashed egg packages that were marked with 'Fragile eggs'. Mentality of some people.
  14. As everyone else has said TAKE photos of both the radiator AND packaging!
    The sender may take one look at the packing and say WTF? that's not how I sent it !

    Its only yesterday in the US so anything you email today should get an answer today as well :)

    It could be a case of damaged in transport and the courier has repacked it to cover his/her own arse... Like "oh cool its going OS to Austria, they wont chase it up" [ yes that was a deliberate miss spelling ]
  15. I'd disagree. USPS is much more expensive, slower, and from packages I've received I think they've progressed from boots to heavy machinery to crush parcels (that's if they ever actually arrive).
  16. On the other hand, for those actually in the US, the USPS will actually attempt to bring the package to you, not just stick a slip in your postbox saying "Meh, close enough. Come get it"
  17. I found USPS to be a bit hit-and-miss - but yes, expensive. When I was bringing stuff in for my business many of the shipments were squashed or broken open. Our customs would often attempt to 'fix' holes in the boxes (not caused by them) after they'd done their inspections. I found Royal Mail far better all round. After having many business dealings with Aus post I found them difficult to deal with and on the whole unhelpful.
  18. Totally agree with that. Never had a problem with stuff I've ordered from the UK, and in fact I've been surprised by the speed at which stuff has arrived on more than a few occasions, I once ordered a carb balancing kit which was sent by the cheapest, slowest option - and it arrived in 3 days (1 day of which was AusPost getting it from Melbourne to the country).
  19. I've had the same experience. Overall better service and the fact that they work six days a week helps.
  20. Its only yesterday in the US so anything you email today should get an answer today as well :)

    well you better wait a day because the damage hasn't happened yet