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Who Luv Wendy's

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ms_tear, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. always love going to the mall and stop bai wendy to get the biggiest ice cream i could find.... ummm and that Special mouth watering thick shake with choc ice cream.... :wink:

  2. um, no. ever since a severed finger was found in one of the franchises in california, US of A, i think i'll pass.
  3. oh ye of little faith, I can forgive even that for a double English Toffee cone :LOL:
  4. never new there were double English Toffee cone?
  5. HOT DOGS!!!! With cheese and tomato sauce.... luuuuuuurve wendy's hotdogs :grin:
  6. nice..... got to stop bai and try one today :grin:
  7. Considering they're two completely different companies, I don't see what that's got to do with it...

    US Wendys:

    Australian Wendys:


    And cosidering the finger incident was proved fake, I reckon you should go to Wendys right now, apologise and buy a large chocolate shake...

  8. I love their flake shakes. YUMMY!!
  9. Ummm Flake shakes.... you get really Hungry after awhile when your always home
  10. WENDYS HOTDOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WITH BBQ SAUCE!!!!!!!!!

    and a flake shake...

    its getting harder and harder to find a Wendys nowadays though :-(
  11. not for me i got one in my plaza.....ummmmmmm :LOL:
  12. mmm, me too, right outside Coles; I can have an illicit ice cream while Mrs Hornet is shopping mmmmmm :).
  13. When I was doing some training in the US of A, they said, lets go to Wendys for lunch. Here i am thnking, they are taking us to an ice cream joint for lunch. Hmmm, Wendys over there is a burger joint like Hungry Jacks.

    Boy was i disappointed.
  14. Cool how i didnt know that... :p
  15. Wendys is the devil. Half of me can prove it :D
  16. LMAO i dont think he want's to eat it... :p :LOL:
  17. Cookies and cream mega shake mmmm :)
  18. Everybody loves Wendy!!!! :LOL: :LOL: :cool:

  19. Or so she thinks Shhhhh :p

    and besides you live too far away. :grin:

  20. Awwwwwwww thats sweet......... we Wuvs ya!