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who loves this rain sydney!?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by kursed, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. not fuggin me.
    I can't seem to get this wet riding right. I am riding in almost all the wet weather barr very heavy downpours or 'cyclonic wind conditions' like last night, but I just don't have the confidence when going around corners in the wet!! everywhere I go on the north shore has phat white lines round every corner and I am petrified of the bike just dumping me on the road as soon as I lean over. I just don't know how far I can lean over and keep grip. I have no probs in dry weather either. I trust the grip then, but the wet seems to make me go a big rubbery one.

    Is there anything I can do, apart from keep on riding in the wet and harden the fark up? :)

    I overshot a roundabout badly this morn, wanted to turn right on an off camber roundabout and had to abort mid way through and go straight ahead as my instinct was "YOUR GUNNA FALL DUDE!!" fuggen hell that was frustrating.

    TIPS! :eek:
  2. just take care and take it easy.

    Your typres assuming theyre proper on road editions with tread are made to work in the wet weather aswell.

    Relax youl be cool
  3. Thats about all you can do mate :p

    I actually don't mind the rain! Just keep it slow and build your confidence up slowly! And take into account that drivers are even less likely than normal to see you (if that's possible)
  4. sometimes I wish my helmet had a winscreen wiper.....

    I do highly recommend the Rjays full suit rain suit - and easy on the throttle, smooth smoooth smoooth
  5. My bike is pretty much my only transport unless my parents practically force me to drive which i hate and hardly happens.

    I have an Rjays 1pc rain suit which is great! i stay totally dry! And its so easy to pack and put away!

    Anyway go easier on the gas, easier on the brakes and extend your safety bubble.

    I defintly took corners at a much slower speed when it was my first few times out in the rain but have started to understand and trust my machine more. This doesn't mean i go round turns like in the dry but i know that the tiers are designed to grip in the wet also and that they do!

    Its not like in a car where you can really find the limits of traction and still be safe because as soon as the tire goes on a bike "cya" but unless your going to put your knee down and dry weather speeds, you should be right.

    Be smooth and trust your machine!
  6. I just try and make sure that i keep enough distance between me and those white lines. Oh and going slower always helps.

    My problem is that my leather jacket is waterproof, except for the insides of the arms which is some other material. Anyone know if i can waterproof this somehow or is some sort of rain jacket the way to go?

    Oh and is there a good way of riding through big puddles or anything to watch out for? When im driving it feels like the wheel is about to be wrenched out of my hands when going through puddles, and i just dont want anything like that to happen on the bike.
  7. yeah so I can pretty much trust my bike to stay shiny side up if I lean over in corners when it is wet? Just don't go fast when I do so.
    ok I will get in some more practice just wanted to be sure I was not missing anything! :oops:
  8. your bike will know and should give you a feeling if shes ok at a lean or not, obviously dont ho hog wild cos the back may slide out. or worse even the front
  9. I really don't like the strong winds. My bike and I don't weigh that much and the strong winds Canberra has been having lately have really been blowing me around!
  10. +1 :evil: Having twisty withdrawals! Go away rain. Maybe it's all fallen now though, and the next 3 months will be sunny riding heaven :grin:
  11. yeah - wind and rain just don't mix well with Bikes...

    Tuck yourself in as much as you can when you get that big gush..... try to look more like bullet train than a windsurf... unfortunately I ride a cruiser and you're always in the Windsurf position.....
  12. Make sure you warm up the bike and if you can the tires too. The lower the pressure in the tires the easier they warm up if that makes any sense. Try to leave larger gaps and brake abit earlier!! Otherwise just curse at the weather. F O Wind F O Rain I L U Sun :p
  13. slows down the bike's handling though.. and increases tyre wear...
  14. I have clouds in my helmet when it rains...

    My glasses fog up....and when u lift the visor they get wet....

    So if u seen an NSR150SP on the wrong side of the road.... blame the weather... :cool:
  15. I bought a GS500 off my mate 2.5 weeks ago having just got my L's. I've been able to ride it once :(

    Forecast is for a clear weekend!

    The first week i had my bike I had to commute on from the twisties in Torrential Rain from belgrave all the along the Eastern freeway to collingwood.Fear yes,but a kickass feeling doing it.!The twists on the way down from belgrave not 100% confident,but who cares that is what the lplate is for.Fear abounded though as there was an oilspill around Knox.Eastern freeway+rain=massive winds.Instinct told me to relax and ride through the winds and not over correct.Had mono it over several wood bits in the road.Got to work and had several women tell how respected they were of me to do this.All I did was relax and tell myself I could do this as really this was my only alternative to get to work and because of my love for motorbikes .Thank god my work has motorcycle couriers and has a drying cabinet!But I might add i come from Colorado,and driving on the snow and slick is an added advantage for slide prevention,even though I have not driven in snow(Well Belgrave had a mini mini hail fall in which my rebel rambler slide on the mad mile)along time.Basically trust yourself,relax.
  17. Somebody call Sergeant Loz stat, we have a reported monoing of a Hyosong! :rofl:

    How good was the weather today? :grin:
  18. silly me

    I meant to say moto x crossed :oops: you know stood on the pegs pulled up on the handlebars to get over said object.But I did do a mono about two weeks later by accident at the lights.The clutch was just adjusted and wanted to take off to get away from traffic,I let out the clutch to quick and did a wheelie.Front tire probably only came off the ground about 1ft.
    Be nice to us newbies
  19. Hehe, cool :grin: I'm an "use newbies" too! Loz has a thing for monos, and a thing with Hyosung...ultimate combination post :LOL: