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Who loves the fog - I do!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by peter-reebok, Jun 16, 2007.

  1. Had the best ride to work yesterday, and back home again - was like being on a whole new road!.

    Kept a bigger eye out for cagers, but what a hoot!.

    Turned a boring commute intom a blast!

  2. At the moment I havnt decieded yet. I like abit of it though. It makes me concentrate harder on the road....
  3. Don't like it, particularly if it is a "misty" fog - makes the visor near impossible to see through and it is hard to "wipe" the water off.
  4. didnt like it all...my first fog ride and couldnt see too far at all...lifted the visor and all was good...bit cold tho...thank god for the balaclava....open faced helmet for me on mornings like that from now on
  5. can think of much better and worse conditions to ride in... with you guys about the misty fog, can be a real b@$tard to deal with in traffic!!
  6. If its misty fog like last night.... I really hate it.....Cant c a damn thing.....
  7. riding in the worst peak hour times in the dark with bugger all visibility due to the visor misting up on the outside was an experience.
    It really hones your reflexes because things just pop out in front of you like that suicidal pedestrian who then decided to gesticulate at me because I made a beeline to him.
    I didn't see him in the shadows and silhouettes and blazing headlights through a misted visor till the last second.
    Telling him to fark orf never felt so good :wink:
  8. Fog + Highway is about the worst possible conditions IMO. Ride too fast and you risk not seeing something (like animals or even a bend in the road) - ride too slow and you run the risk of being rear-ended by some f-wit who is convinced by the TAC that they can't crash provided they do exactly 5kph less than the posted limit.
  9. i loved it as well... sure i had to ride with my visor up... but it was heaps of fun! :D
  10. It's not something I'd like to be doing for any length of time, short trips I don't mind, but any longer than an hour in fog and it becomes a chore.
    The bike absolutely loves it though, always perks up that little bit extra when the air is moist and cold :)
  11. Not just highways though JD. Any road in fog has me constantly checking my mirrors and constantly tapping my rear brake.
  12. had my first Fog ride too. Was the most freekkky experience but loved it all the same. Was difficult to see in front and was mega paraniod about my surroundings and cars/people/animals jumping out in front of me, not to mention the wet road, and foggy visor inside and water dropplets outside. Didnt have to go all that far so enjoyed the experience.
  13. Not me, besides the impossible mist on the visor it's hard enough to see diesel spills and the like as it is. Kev.
  14. got a new helmet yesterday so thought i'd take it for a ride.
    Was evening time, fog was there and damn cold. New visor looked like a waterfall was on it so had to lift it, then my glasses got fine droplets on them so couldnt see a thing. In the second it took me to move my glasses the droplets turned to ice in front of my eyes :shock:
    Looked seriously cool. Lucky i was only 2min from home
  15. I learned to ride in the winter time and have many fond memories of riding around the twisty forest roads in the fog.
  16. I was riding in the misty fog the other night. I love fog, but riding in it was a pain. Got the annoying misty droplets all over my visor, opened it up to see and before I know it I have them all over my glasses too. Not too bright opening the visor up! Lucky I wasn't too far from home.
  17. Put your high beams on and ride.. its awesome!
  18. I agree with both of you fellas. I like it about as much as I do the rain. I was nearly cleaned up by a wombat carcass left in the middle of a lane during a foggy morning, that would of been a nasty one. I agree with the others that it keeps you a little sharper etc, but the visor thing drives me nuts!

    Safe riding,

    Firestorm :grin:
  19. 3AM Saturday morning along the westgate. The Visor repeatedly misting up on the outside and fogging up on the inside. Lift it up and feel the freezing cold on my eye's either way I was below 100. Power was out for most of the trip (Obviosly huge sections had had there step down stations blow) And traffic coming the other way so couldn't use High beams (Not that they really helped with the amount reflected back...
    It is a toss up weather that or snow is worse

    If you are talking about the sort of fog I am then high beam doesn't help, as I statesd, you get most of it just reflected back in your face
  20. Very true. This is why (true) foglights on cars are mounted and aimed low, beneath the fog, and usually used without headlights. Never ceases to amaze me though at the number of f-wits that drive in heavy fog with highbeam on and/or their accessory spotlights (obviously unaware of the difference between fog lights and driving lights). In some cases they'd be lucky to have more than a foot or two of visibility in front of their car with all the reflected light - yet this still doesn't stop 'em from sitting on 100/110kph :roll: :shock:.