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Who lives near Penrith?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dykeonbike, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone. I pick my bike up this afternoon. I'm so excited. Does anyone live around the Penrith area here? Where about's do you guys get out to on rides? I'm only new to the area and very new to riding so I'd like to know where some nice places are to ride and maybe meet up with fellow riders and head off for a spin on weekends. My dad is getting his L's in a month and my parnter has an '05 ZX6R so we're looking at making some new friends.

  2. just organise one.

    If saturday morning is like this mornings fresh crisp cool weather, why not meet at KK at Panthers, head up Castlereagh rd and make a left Yarramundi Rd and head up to Springwood and enjoy some mountain twisties, stop at Springwood, hangout at the pie shop for a chat, then head back down via the GWH !

    hmmm, sounds like a plan i'd even ride out west to join ! :cool:
  3. I live out west also, not as far as Penrith, but west none the less. I often go riding out that way. You have a few choices from where you are. You can go south down the Northern Rd to Camden, or up to Warragamba. You can go north to Richmond and Windsor. Or you can go West, up the mountain to Mt Victoria and do a return run down Bells Line of Road (BLOR) to Richmond and back to Penrith. Just be careful on the BLOR as some other riders like to hoon around some of the bends. I don't know how much riding experience you have but if you're like me, total newbie, just take it easy and ride at whatever pace you feel comfortable with. It's all a confidence thing so ride within your limits.

    Anyway, you have some nice rides out your way. Also, apparently, at the Regatta Centre is the P's test all marked up in the carpark where you can practice for the MOST test for your P's. I haven't been there as yet but I will be heading there soon to have a bit of a look-see.

    Anyway, welcome to the world of riding and stay safe. If you want to go for a ride some time I'm sure there's a few others out our way that would be keen to organise something....

  4. Howdy

    Being in Penrith, one place to head for is the Blue Mountains, head up the Great Western Highway for coffee in Katoomba or Leura. Most of the way is 60-80 km/hr speed limit :(

    There are 3 routes for the return trip that I would reccomend:

    1. return via the same route, or
    2a. continue back the same way till Springwood then turn left on to Hawkesbury road and head for some '15km/hr' twistys and back to Penrith, or
    2b. Turn off left at Blaxland's McD and head down the old Mitchels Pass to Emu Plains and Penrith. Part of this route is one way, heading down the hill just watch out for pushies who love screaming down the one way section, And don't forget to stop and admire the oldest bridge on the mainland still in use. There is also the Knapsack bridge to have a gander at, turn right once the oneway section is finished (turning left leads to Penrith) and head for the bridge (closed to traffic) and take a walk down the side to see a massive sandstone bridge.

    3. continue west from Katoomba to the Darling Causeway and back via the Bells Line Of Road.

    A 4th Alternative is to Head towards Lithgow and return via the Bells Line of Road. but this will be a "long" trip at the learnner legal 80km/hr :LOL:

    Another ride is to head north to Wisemans Ferry via Windsor and Wilberforce. Great back roads with not much traffic.

    I'll be putting up a ride from Windsor to Wisemans Ferry in Easter Hol's I just need to confirm which day I am allowed :? to get away. :cool:
  5. Marvin,
    Count me in for the Easter ride, if you don't mind a yellow plate along. Just about any day is fine with me.

  6. If your still a little nervous about ridding your new bike in traffic, I would suggest spending a few hours riding around Jamison Park. My mrs was not that keen about riding in traffic and after a while she was loving it. It gave her time to get used to a new bike, without having to contend with maniacs on the road.

    There are lots of places to ride around the penrith area as the folks have pointed out. The ride out to Richmond is nice, maybe a run out to Warragamba dam and after you gain some time on the bike a trip up Bells Line rd or the Great Western Hwy up the mountains would be fun.
  7. I pick up my bike on Saturday. Was supposed to be today but it's not ready yet :cry: !

    I live in the Mountains and any of those rides sound great. Anyway I'd love to come along on a ride once i have ridden around the block several (read lots!) of times.. :)
  8. Hey SuzyQ,
    I saw a female riding a red BMW along Chapel Street Prahran last week with the plates "SuzyQ" At first I thought it was you, then I just read you are from the Blue Mountains. :)
  9. Just posted a ride for Wiseman's Ferry starting from Windsor (Mc'Graths Hill) on Esater Friday, you are more than welcome to come along, that includes you Gypsy, the more the merrier.

    Will probably skip the River Rd extension at this stage although it is a really good ride along there, a bit of experience is recommended for it thou, lots of twisties :cool:
  10. Sounds good. How long will the ride last for? I have a wedding to try and stop...I mean, attend that afternoon so I don't want to cut it too fine...