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Who likes The Police?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by undii, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. And I'm not talking about Mr Plod. Talking about the band, The Police :grin: I just received this morning the announcement of the Aussie Police tour dates. Presale tickets for members of thepolice.com go up for sale tomorrow and I think it's the day after for others. If you want to get the presales, go to http://www.thepolice.com/signup/ :)

    I'll definitely be buying 2, presales if there are any left at 10ish am. I have physio at Epworth tomorrow 9-10am.. grrr, talk about bad timing. I do feel a tad guilty if I cancel tomorrow's physio but then again, it is The Police! Might call up to see if I can book it for later :twisted:

    For anyone else who loves The Police, hope you can go. I'm going whether my arm is still in "gimp mode" and I'll wear a sling at it (like I did to Slayer :LOL: ) or it's strong enough to be "normal". Whatever, I'll definitely be at this concert.
  2. OMG the police, brings back memories of my first high school girlfriend, maria :shock: She dumped me in the cruel cold way that only girls can, in front of the class, she may as well as pulled down my pants and pointed out my small willy! Biatch :mad:

    I gave her the best 3 days of my life. :( :(

    Well what you can expect she barracked for collingwood :roll:
  3. Will probably be going to the Sydney show...

    Thanks for the link to the pre-sale jobbie...
  4. er... i like female police.... :p

    edit: one followed me back from Sydney for the weekend. Took her to CC's for approval... :wink:
  5. how you doin'?:wink:

  6. close try an inch taller than me and strong as hell...

    Tip: its not foreplay to be pinned and cuffed on the tiles with a knee in your back. :roll:
  7. So when she hit me in the face with a phone book?? She wasn't coming on to me?? Oh how my dreams are shattered... :(
  8. AAhhah ah ah a.... count yourself lucky mate they could have used a hard back oxford to get the message across:

    "no means no here look under n!"