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Who likes the new Vegemite name?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by OscarA, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. Had a good laugh this morning when I read the new Vegemite name is iSnack 2.0
    Seriously what were they thinking!

  2. psst, down here

    (i think they were taking the piss :-$ )
  3. hmm, where's that delete post button gone?
  4. I don't; what nonsense :evil:
  5. Poorly worded title :D sorry
  6. americans pffft
  7. Terrible name, can't believe they held a competition for it and that name was selected... must have been some truly crap ones submitted if that was the best
  8. They have got to be kidding!
    Not buying it now just on principle.
  9. G'day everyone,....

    I wonder if anyone submited the name VAGINA-MITE?
    Would piss myself laughing if it won!


    Dr Who?
  10. im interested to see what their marketing campaign consists of. I agree its a terrible name but there may be purpose for it.
  11. ****in' hell. Everyone putting "i" in front of everything these days.
  12. It is perfectly stupid.
  13. According to the blurb on their website, this new spread was developed because people found spreading butter then Vegemite too time-consuming or something?

    WTF? Half the fun of spreading Vegemite is making sure you have a generous layer of butter on your bread first.

    Unfortunately, certain waistline related issues mean that I cannot indulge in this pleasurable pastime quite as frequently as I used to.
  14. Hmm. Me and some mates covered this topic in some detail over a few beers and a BBQ yesterday. We came to the conclusion that the only way Vegemite could ever be improved is to put it in the large hadron collider and slam Vegemite molecules into more Vegemite molecules.

    Failing that, selling it in 10kg tubs would also be a somewhat of an improvement. All other efforts are futile.
  15. I almost wish I actually liked Vegemite so I could boycott this product... but the fact is, it tastes like salted motor-oil and I've never bought a jar in my life.
  16. Sorry Bonk. That's just un-Australian. Get out now.
  17. I saw that commercial too, surely that's a joke. Regardless how can they say spreading regular vegemite is too time consuming......... world going crazy.

    Voted as most Un-Australian comment of the year
  18. I don't know what's worse the name of the new spread.
    They were giving out samples - the type where you have a biscuit stick on the spread. All I could taste was the biscuit. I'll stick to the real stuff.

    Though I wonder how long it will take for a Electric car to be called icar or ihippie