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who likes neons on bikes?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by chunkz, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. have to say im not a fan


  2. hmm i dont really mind as long as its not over the top and the bike looks like a neon sign :LOL: :LOL:
    but a few high lights here and there dont go astray :grin:
  3. PEWK!!!!!!!

    Reserved for "Mario's" and "Chong's" that think they are in the Movie "Fast & Furious"


  4. You mean "FARCE and FRIVOLOUS" don't you?

    yeah.. not too keen on the "gay eye for the biker guy" myself.

  5.  Top
  6. +1
    leave it in the show room so i don't have to lose my lunch
  7. They only look good on show bikes and even then only when it's not over the top.
  8. I reckon they look good, if they have been made nicely and are not over the top. They have to be colour matched aswell! I'm not a fan of harleys with the neons *pewk*
  9. Man im gunna get me some of those. :roll:
  10. Don't look good to me. The bottom of the bike doesn't have a big enough surface to make it look like a solid outline.
  11. Agreed .. almost up there with having cartoon characters on your side fairings :LOL: :p :LOL:
  12. If its done so you cant see the neon and only the glow i think it looks fine.
  13. hmmm.......no i don't think so.

  14. obviously your not from Sydney.

    The saying is . . . "Habib and his cousins" and "Jimmy" ! :grin:
  15. I have seen them a few times ,im like most blokes ,not into FULLY SICK MATE! bling bling cars bikes ect.

    But i did see a GSXR with neon IN side the bike ,and the light was beaming out threw the holes in the faring ,looked good.
    And he was easy to see from 100 meters away.

    Also seen one night ,a guy with a blue ,yellow ,green ,light that wounld change coloures every 2 seconds ,really make the bike easy to see at night and looks good,the light was about 1.5 foot long on either side on the wheel ,sort of under the seat.
    When they hit the brakes ,the blue ,yellow ,light went out and just red brake light worked.
    So you knew he was braking and your not put off by the coloured neons.
    Both looked good on nice bikes and not over the top ,just made the bike look smart.
    If your a young guy ,it looks trick.
  16. when you put it that way.....
  17. Neons only look good on choppers with a lot of chrome on them. They look stupid on any full fairing bike. There a waist of money and time as far as im concerned!!
  18. like the other guy said on page one....
    makes me look at it differently

    if you could put it on as like a 'safety' device and not have it glowing like e.t

    may look alright?
  19. Who likes neons on bikes? vacuuous, defective, insignificant, non-entities, with the IQ of a cucumber.
  20. I'm of two minds on this...putting it on a bike to show off is a bit of "hey look at me, don't I look cool" thing.

    Putting them on as an aid to being seen at night is a different story.

    I'd like to get some for Lin's streetfighter, it's dark purple and apart from the tail-light and headlight, almost invisible on the roads at night, especially from the side.

    I'll look into it.