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Who likes Hondas??? I dooooo!!!!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by redrocket, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. Looks ot me like she is an OUTIE!
  2. bike still looks better.
  3. Who packed that kebab?
  4. Check out the old lady in the second pic, says it all to me.
    90% are there to see the bikes, not the bits they stick on them for the day.

    Wonder how many of those girls would chose to ride a bike over C**K???
  5. and why always booby, bleached blondes??

    sureley they can find other hair colours??

    i go for the bikes..... a good looking girl might make me look..... but i'll make a decision based on the bike/company... not how good the girls look or what she was/wasn't wearing
  6. and
    don't take offense to this and I'm not implying anything by it, it's just a question... are you gay?
  7. Gentlemen prefer blondes.

    We're not gentlemen.
  8. no just happily married. If i want to see bits and boobies, i know ehere to go :)

    a prety girl i s not gonna make me buy one bike over another..... sure their good to look at but it's all rather fleeting and superficial. She's not gonna be on that bike when you get it home you know!!

    but why always blondes???? are they the only ones who will take the job? cause the other refuse to be oggled at all day?
  9. good for you. :)
    I'd say by looking at picture 2, in the country where these were taken, a blonde is a rarity.
  10. My husband and a few other male friends were wetting themselves at the bike show a few years back cause of one of the models. I was on our stand ( WIMA ) with the other girls when this model walked by ( followed by drooling men ). SHE had an adams apple and the guys hadnt even noticed!!!!!!!! :shock: :LOL:
  11. im happy about the girl and she looked hot
    but i failed to see the nakedness.... :cry:
  12. And that's why we like you :p :grin: :p
  13. Combining bikes and babes just seems so natural to me... :)
    Nice pic
  14. the beaver burger in the third pic .... :?:
  15. great pics,i seen that email getting around