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Who likes Chupachups - Be quick ends midnight

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by goz, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. I dont, but my godkids do :p just got 2 packs.
    Seriously, 120 chupachups for $16... :p even if they do have the flavours etc written in vietnamese (i think).
  2. i like chupa chups but guarantee i wouldnt anymore after 60 of them!
  3. Kmart have been selling them for $10
  4. I wouldn't buy cheap candy, it's all made overseas in countries that couldn't give two hoots about what creeps into the manufacturing process.
  5. Looks Vietnamese...I don't know how to read it properly but it sure looks like what my parents read haha.
  6. Pretty cheap, good find.
  7. it is definitely Vietnamese
  8. Two ordered.
  9. Two ordered.

  10. what isnt these days
  11. ok to all those that oredered, we expect a full review (if your not in hospital with food poisioning) :D
  12. You didn't get any? I feel like I've been advertised to.:nopity:
  13. Nah I buy other stuff from there, check it daily for new specials every day, thought I'd throw this 1 out there
  14. Yep. I'll just test them on the kids first. :angel:

    Two ordered.
  15. Dunno about Vietnamese Chupa Chups, but I once saw something a bit freaky with a plain old Aussie one. A colony of tiny ants had found their way up the hollow stick and had completely emptied the wrapper over the course of a day or so, hauling their treasure out down the tube :shock:. Couldn't see anything wrong until you picked it up and found that the plastic was empty. That and the ant trail in and out of the end.
  16. :rofl::rofl::rofl: Cheeky buggers

  17. very vietnamese.

    patb, reminds me of the coffee and sugar dispensers on a construction site one day... everyone was wondering why there was ants in their coffee :D
  18. Mine just arrived :p couldnt help it and am having a watermelon one... bleh :p.
  19. Any signs of throwing up? Hehehe