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Who left the front door open

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Conny!, Oct 11, 2005.

  1. Howdy all.

    I have just become a member of the forum, so i can join a motorcycling community.

    I currently have my restricted license in the NT but will be getting the restriction off soon. I've done up to the intermediate METAL course.

    I have a bit of experience riding trail bikes. But i'm looking at getting myself a 250 in Darwin, as i work up there but don't live there. So i need something that i can leave in a shed for about 3 months at a time.

    I'm looking at getting myself something under $3000. Trail/ road i don't care. I think my options are XR250, DRZ250, CBR250, ZZR250 or GPX250. But we'll see.

    When i get back to Melbourne in the new year i've pretty much decided on getting one of 3 bikes. ZZR-600, SV-650S or a Ducati ST2. I want a bike for motorway riding and minimal city riding.

    But i'm looking forward to becoming a contributing member of your community.


  2. Welcome Conny!

  3. do we have any of these ???????????
    all you need to do is drink coffee and there will be no problems fitting in :D

  4. Where is my post? :?
  5. Welcome and enjoy the forums.

  6. Seany: It was there last night... I saw it...

  7. Welcome, conny!
    No problems with crocs chewing on the seat while it's in the garage for long period by itself?
    I can't think of a greater place to own and ride than the top end; except for the worst of 'the wet' you could ride in all year round!
  8. Lol is someone eating posts???

    Oh yeah welcome conny!!
  9. Someone ran off the road and knocked it over? :LOL:
  10. It's alright, I talk rubbish anyway. :p

    Welcome Conny. :D
  11. Thanks for all the well wishes.

    I didn't think ihad talents that could transend the interweb and steal posts. Maybe someone is having a laugh.

    Hornet600, i am looking forward to getting into the riding up there. A mate is now riding the trailies in the police force so i should be up for some good off roading once i get up there.

    Also looking forward to going down to Litchfield, as long as the tourists keep to their side of the road.
  12. Heh ;) It could be worse too, I just noticed a whole thread of mine has disappeared...

  13. Do you supose the Underpants Gnomes have expanded their business into forum threads. Clearly this is Stage one. :D
  14. Hello Conny welcome aboard

    stay safe and have fun

  15. I can't see them expanding their business all by themselves...

    Hmmm, maybe a partnership with the guitar-pick pixies? ;)

  16. Guitar Pick Pixies! I hate those bastards! :evil: Bloody things struck my place today. They only take the light blue George Dennis ones too. :x I think the buggers know they're my favourites. :wink:
  17. I hear ya brother, I hear ya...
    (D'Andrea 50mm R.I.P.)

  18. Then maybe someone should lock the door to stop the little creatures getting in.

    But we can still let the little creatures beer in. That beer is tasty.
  19. You can't stop underpants gnomes dude. The profit line halts for no-one. 8) Don't you know anything about corporate business? :roll: :p