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Who lane splits on a 250? and how ? any tips?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Tomcatalex, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Who lane splits on a 250? and how ? any tips?

    The problem is on a 250 there is no guarentee you will beat the cars up front off the line, and isnt it dangerous having cars on either side not giving you room to move into a lane.

    who does this sort of thing on a slow bike/scooter, any tips or tricks ?

    the funny thing is Ive also seen some 250's beating larger bikes, is it that the small bike with a good rider can beat a large bike with a bad rider?
  2. You're on a roll Tom. How do you come up with this stuff?
  3. Nothin' wrong with filtering at the lights on a 250, so long as you're johhny-on-the-spot when the lights change colour.

    Most cars will pause for a second after the light goes green, either because they weren't ready for it or because they have to move their foot from the brake to the accelerator pedal if the car's automatic.

    Splitting's easy on a 250, particularly a single-cylinder or V-twin naked bike like the VTR250 because they're so damn narrow compared to a big-displacement parallel-cylinder bike.

    As for 250s beating a 600cc or 1000cc bike off of the line... The rider of the big bike may just not be trying at all. ;)
  4. Re: Who lane splits on a 250? and how ? 250's beating big bi

    when did you come to this conclusion?

    I lane split on my gf's 50cc jolie scooter and that can beat all the cars off the lights.
  5. when i was on my old 250 I always dreaded lane splittingto the front and there was some P plater in his (dad or financed) xr8 ute on one side and a commodore ss on the other side. and you pop up between them with them looking at you and reving there things, to top it off more grand prix wannabe's directly behind them in there lowered jap cars.

    Now its no contest on my new bike, even if a ferrari stands next to me :LOL:
  6. I spent 18 months splitting (in the UK) on my old C90 Step-Thru, followed by various slow 250s, off and on, for several more years. Never had a problem.

    Here in WA, my four wheeled transport for 2.5 years was a tired VW Beetle with (maybe) 30 hp left under its rump. More often than not, I was finding I had to back off when taking off from the lights to avoid shunting the V8 Crumpledore in front 'cos he was so slow off the line.

    Conclusion? If you're on the ball, you'll have no problems splitting on anything. If you're not on the ball, you shouldn't be splitting in the first place.

  7. [​IMG]
  8. It's almost impossible not to beat cars off the mark on a 250 (assuming they're not being dicks and trying to race you in the other lane).

    As long as you keep an eye on the lights and don't stall it, you'll be right.
  9. I live in your area! what bike you ridding?
  10. New bike? :)

    I've never had issues taking off from the front on a 250.
  11. Well for starters, when i split to the front i dont just hang between the two front cars. That to me seems dangerous, and rude for anyone else splitting as you're potentially blocking them.

    I sit in the pedestrian section or even partly into the intersection and i can watch the traffic lights facing the other way to know when my light is about to go green.

    If you're not acting like a tosser, and you pay no attention (I still keep a sneaky eye on everyone around me incase) to the cars that are first in line at the lights, then they generally dont give you grief.
  12. My mistake
  13. Tom cattle axe just got,
  14. Re: Who lane splits on a 250? and how ? 250's beating big bi

    I don't split, unless the traffic is down to a crawl. I filter carefully whenever I can, that's what riding is all about.:p

    I have NEVER had a problem beating any car at lights. ( I'm talking your average driver ( high powered rev-heads excluded) . That said, however, I filter to the front and do NOT sit there between cars << that's asking for trouble IMHO.

    Isn't that obvious :? Another thing to consider is that the rider with the larger capacity bike happens to be in a sedate mood and can't be bothered twisting the throttle 1/4 turn to blow the lil 250 away. [/quote]
  15. I lane split on my pushie and always get the hole shot. :cool:
  16. Nah, twofiddies have the advantage everytime. Let rev & live large!
  17. lmao i love racing cages on my pushie!!! ahhhh 4 more days till i get my CBRRRRRRR
  18. i move with caution to the front of the intersection...as long as i know i have time before the light change...then position myself in front of one of the lead cars...they should be able to see me then because i'm directly in front of them (but some cars still don't)...then take of from the lights as fast or slow as i choose...the car can wait until i'm ready to move of
  19. i believe that is the safest way to manage intersections...just because the light turns green, dose'nt mean you should gun it...cars often run red lights and clean up bikers who have blasted of first into the kill zone...i do prefer to be ahead of the cars though because then in theory they should all be able to see you...but remember some car drivers are blind as bats