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Who is the worlds sexiest man?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by edgelett, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. ok since the women thread is winding down it seems, here's one for the girls here to get on - which fellas get your blood racing?

    i'll kick it off with a few

    first - well Tony of course, he's hawt stuff!

    my current fav guy, Jamie Bamber. I want to do dirty things to him. he's winning for me at the moment

    good ole johnny depp

    and Ewan McGregor

  2. That's easy - me
  3. See now I know your lying, because it's me!
  4. Why thankyou guys, I agree, it is me.
  5. Nah nah nah, obviously me. (This thread is going nowhere!)

  6. My wife wouldn't even say it was me. :cry:
  7. Its Loz - we all know it.
  8. Excellent work, Edgelett :grin: About time someone started this very worthwhile thread.

    Johnny and Ewan...phwoar.

    :oops: <----- I'm feeling a little flushed.
  9. It's Not4Resale his saturday night fever dancing skillz in motorbike gear is hawtness.

    Ok I lie

    It's me
  10. I live in a house with one wife and two teenage daughters, so although there are no guys I fancy personally, I hear a fair bit about who is considered hot. Sadly, because they're teens, my daughters tend to go for girlyboys like Orlando Bloom. The wife is all about Antonio Banderas.

    Women seem much blinder to age than men - Sean Connery can still make almost any woman I know growl, and the daughters are weirded out by the fact that they fancy Johnny Depp and he's my age...
  11. guys without your pictures how can i compare to people like this?

    Orlando Bloom

    Brad Pitt
  12. You asked for it:

  13. My wife is disgusted by Sean Connery, but she goes weak for Johnny Depp.
  14. [​IMG]

    Eat yer heart out, J. Timberlake
  15. you're a very nice looking man :)

    but i don't know if i'd choose you over Timberlake...


  16. oh my niece recons she's going to marry this guy one day (she's 3)


  17. :shock:

    common he's twice the man JT is.
  18. my take on it all is that the more popular a guy is the more attractive he is to women and the more popular he becomes.

    that may explain the jdepp and jtimberlake phenomenon...

    also their names start with J.

  19. lol - i've been a fan of Depp since 21 Jump Street - he's a babe

    and JT got better with age. he was a little wiener when he was young.

    besides, of COURSE the more popular (and therefore the more photos/movies etc he's in) a man becomes the more women like him.
  20. Harrison Ford was pretty nice back in the day (not so much now though)