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Who is the oldest Netrider??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ratbag, Nov 27, 2004.

  1. since groberts posted a happy b'day to "MIDNIGHT"
    it got me thinking, who holds the title in netrider as being the eldest member?

    btw, i'm sitting at my pc and bored as hell, hence this post

  2. Hey Rat,
    In the unofficial rule book of asking people's ages the law states that you get to go first.
  3. Well i'm 45 and still cute :)
  4. I'll match that.
  5. well
    I am older than 45 and still cute......
    the give away is the white thing called a mo on the top lip :shock:
    the tag from my bike mates (below) doesn't help either :LOL:
  6. 47, ( at 50 I will start counting backwards)
  7. 58 next Friday - but who's counting?!
  8. Phew! well it aint me...lm 42 :D
  9. << Younger than all o' yoose :p
  10. Not yet eligible for the Ulysses club. 44 this May.
  11. I'm 24 and really freaking out about the fact that I'll be 25 this year! :shock:

    Alison :)
  12. I'll admit to being 44 (just!).
  13. Guess its ok to own up, now that I know I,m not going to win ... 47 years young. :)
  14. Junior membership starts at 40
  15. Alison wrote
    my tattoos are nearly that old!!!

    leftleg (42 years)
  16. Heya Alison, Haven't seen or heard from you in ages :cry:

    I just turned 24 as well.. I'm freaking out cos in 6 years I will be 30 :shock:

    Lisa :twisted:
  17. Erm yes you are as a junior member (Ulitllie)

    I'm 40 years young.
  18. My driver's licence is older than that! but me, I'm 18 till I die!
  19. ummm
    thanks for reminding me, I just renewed my licence
    after 30 years....... :shock:
  20. I can still remember 18, just, but that was 30 years ago!!!!!