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Who is the litre king?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Kermie, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. 2011 ZX10r Vs BMW S1000RR

  2. kinda defeats the purpose of finding out which is faster by modifying them doesn't it?
  3. So neither one was stock, but neither appeared to have internal mechanical mods. And there seemed to be a little more done to the ZX10R than the BMW. Hmmm. Well that's certainly interesting. And it's not quite the result I would have expected.

    I'd like to see that done again, on stock bikes, with the not-US spec ZX10R, with stock gearing. I think you'd find the result would be the other way around, and the margin would be a little bigger.

    Who's side am I on? Well I own a ZX14R and I like the ZX10R and I may yet buy one, and I have spent about an hour riding one. So, I'm not a blind BMW fanboy. I'm interested in facts, and I suspect the BMW is still the quicker bike in a straight line, in a fair contest.

    I also suspect that around a race track, it may be very close indeed. I know how fast the ZX10R is, and I also know how incredibly easy to ride it is, and that's a big help if you're racing. The fat lady hasn't sung on this one, at all.
  4. Definitely need stock bikes. Putting modified bikes up against each other doesn't prove anything at all.
  5. I'd accept an exhaust with power commander, but nothing other than that really.