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who is the early morning Wakehurst Parkway jerk????

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jeffatav, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. and no, it aint me :LOL:


    each morning on the way to work at about 5.40 am southbound on the wakehurst parkway, there is this boy racer that thinks his nuts are bigger than everyone else.

    He rides what sounds like a honda cbr250rrrrrrrr, but I can't be sure as he is gunning it off the dial and it obviously does not have brakes. He cannot corner properly as he tries to keep his body upright as he powers around the bends

    Now this road is posted at 80 and I comfortably ride it at 100+, but this guy in shorts passes me as though I am in reverse and startles you as he whizzes by unsighted in my mirrors.

    Now thats ok by me if he wants to do that, but this morning was ridiculous.

    I was following a ute and approaching the overtaking lane on the way up the hill travelling south towards Warringah Road and moved into the overtaking lane and just started around this ute when this IDIOT passed between the ute and my left hand within my lane. He was not in my vision 10 seconds beforehand.

    I shat myself as did the ute driver as all it needed was me to veer to my left and I would have been collected big time.

    I watched as he did his usual crappy Rossi impersonation up and around the bend at I suppose about 150?? and he turns off down towards DY at the first set off lights.

    I am so p1ssed off with this guy that I feel if I come across him down, I would seriously think about riding around him and if he bought someone else down, I would definately help them first.

    He is an accident just ready to happen and I hope he doesn't take someone/me down as well.

    Hey d1ckhead, you are happening to be reading this, although with the obvious lack of brain cells he would be unable to read, let alone be able to turn a computer on, SLOW THE F*CK DOWN and give others some space, YOU JERK!!! :evil: :evil: :soapbox:
  2. What a wanker :mad:

    I get pissed off too when someone can't ride for shit but they fly past you at stupid speeds. Just because you can accelerate in a straight line doesn't mean you have riding skills
  3. Jeff ...
    Sooner or later this guy will go down. :nopity:
    Unfortunately its very likely he will bring an innocent party/parties down with him. [-X
    I just hope you're nowhere near the JERK when he does. [-o<

    Take Care
  4. He sounds like a netrider.

    Wallys like that give us bad names.
  5. I agree this guy is a dickhead but why would you be collected unless you were traveling in a blind spot. You traveling in that area is your fault and you should do everything to avoid being collected.
    Sorry if I sound like i'm blasting you, I'm not, I'm just concerned that if you might be traveling alongside a car and things like this happen, you're doomed.

    Take care
  6. Your just pissed off ,that the hornet gets floged by a cbrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
  7. Sounds like the tool I see every day coming home from work.
  8. Didn't we just go thorugh this with Raven's post? All 12+ pages of it :roll:

    Sorry to pull your post apart Jeff, but in ten seconds at the 100kmh you said you'd be travelling at that would be nearly 300 metres. Or at the 80kmh limit would be still be over 200 metres.

    Simple - check your mirrors and head check before pulling out (and back into the lane) - agree the left hand side is a bit of a crazy thing to do, but on a 250 not a bad good effort on what I'd guess to be well above 100kmh :cool:

    So were you on the Hornet? Why not chase him to the next set of lights and voice your displeasure - and post his response - now that would make entertaining reading, apart from the "another idiot who can't ride" crap :roll:

    BTW - that's how dirt riders turn to increase their contact patch by shifting their weight to the opposite side of the turn :wink:
  9. If you can catch up to him and have a word then do so, if not just try to be more aware of this idiot and let natural selection take its course and lets all hope he doesn't take one of us down with him
  10. I'm not sure if some of you blokes can read?

    Is'nt it fair and reasonable to expect to be able to pull out and pass a car in the right hand overtaking lane, without having some stupid arse, fly through the gap between you and the car?
    The overtaking tosser was ripping it at a speed that makes him very hard to spot.
    I don't care if the bloke wants to tear it up...that's his business, but he's gotta do a better job of it than THAT!.

    How anyone can possible pass a critical eye on the actions of the OP, is beyond me.

    (Other than not catching him, and having a major word) :) Maybe next time.
  11. I was on my TTR today, but I am not going to chase him even on the hornet when he has about 60km/h rolling start as he doesn't care about blind corners or whatever...............maybe I should carry a jousting stick!!!!

    I was at the start of the lanes moving to two lanes..................this guy is FLYING!!!!~! and he disappears towards DY....... forget the physics, he blasts past.!!!!!..............maybe it is more than a cbr250rrr...who knows and who cares..........he is the d1ckhead!!!

    FFS..............I am not doing anything wrong and I don't give a toss how dirtbike riders use their f@#cking skills..............not near me!!!

    To stop him I would have to block him and he travels way too fast to pull in front of him and he turns off before the lights.

    As I said, I am not against fast riding at all, but some safety to others is always number one.............I couldn't care if he wipes himself out as he is accepting his risks, but it is unfair of all other road users to accept his risks.

    I'll get him one day for sure!!!
  12. If you sped up to catch him you'd probably be blasted on here for being as bad as that rider :roll: . Can't win sometimes.

    I've gotta say though, 10 secs can be a long time on the road. Not saying I wouldn't have been surprised by the other rider as well. If he was going that fast you mightn't have seen him from 3 secs ago, and you can't be checking every direction at the same time. Maybe time to put the tank/helmet cam on one morning?
  13. Go read the OP.........I would be collected from behind by him, not the car!!!! I was in the act of passing the car and I don't know how you do it, but at some stage (however briefly that is) I am beside the car, but I do not stay there at all!!
  14. :LOL: :LOL: Jeff, the earlybird that opens the can of worms. Countdown to 'learn how to spell' posts starts....now :p
  15. It was me!

    Haha.. ok maybe not, my bike gets pissed when I do any more than 90 up that hill :LOL:

    Damn those crazy cbr riders, they're all nuts I tells ya! :) Shame he didn't get nailed by the red (which is usually the case after going up the hill) so you could give him a yell. What annoys me more on the parkway is the one asshat who sits on 65-70 the whole way, and slows down even more for corners, then takes 10 minutes to accelerate back up to their already slow speed :evil: I guess it won't be such a drama when I'm allowed to ride the 650.. but even then - the long stretch just after the bridge when travelling south - straight as an arrow for a km, but all double white lines :evil:
  16. So Jeff was on his trailie. I know the road well, and the lanes are well above average width. Picture yourself coming up behind a small capacity trailie, you're on a sports bike (not sure if it's a 250 now) and there's a decent gap.....

    So Jeff wasn't just carved up :wink:

    From another overtaking in same lane thread
  17. Did he pull a wheelie as he went past you and was the bike green?

  18. Bahaha!
  19. Alex,

    I was on the traily and I was at 100 and the gap was small as I had just started the overtaking procedure and he went past me on my left and between me and the car at least 60km/hr faster than what I was was travelling.

    He goes thru the parkway at this speed most mornings and when I get his number through the blur, I will be notifying the police 'CAUSE HE IS A JERK!!!

    It does sound like you are trying to make me out as a slow and safety first rider and this d1ckhead as the cool guy..............WTF????

    What??? you don't believe me???? perhaps it's you!!