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Who is the better rider?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sunshine600, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. rider 1

  2. rider 2

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  1. Simple question .
    who would make a better rider
    rider 1 -total 6yrs exp. inc 3 yrs on 250cc 3 on 600cc
    rider2- total6yrs exp. all on 600cc.

  2. Depends on which colour bikes have they been riding.

    The better rider is the one with the yellow bike with frangipani stickers.

  3. Not enough info for your hypothetical question.

    Who is quicker, who is better in each situation... impossible to answer
  4. More so another stupid nOOb Question.


    Its not possible to answer with any certaincy because it depends
    on many other factors you make no mention of.
  5. poll

    what i mean is the first rider has learned on an agile quick cornering bike, then is upgraded to a heavy more powerful machine...

    the second rider has ridden the heavy bike for much longer but hasnt the experiance on an agile bike..

    who would be better on a thousand ?? racetrack??
  6. whoever does the better wheelie
  7. Re: poll

    Well say what you mean in the first instance nOOb.


    which 600cc bike is heavy & not agile that you refer to?

    Wouldnt be related to this thread by any chance? :LOL:
  8. Ask the HART instructors, they'll tell you that d1ckwits who turn up to their L and P tests on 600s and 1000s are - almost without exception - the shittest riders they have to deal with.
  9. I wouldn't exactly call a modern 600 supersports "heavy" or non-agile - certainly not compared to some 250s.
  10. bb

    sure does relate to other topic lol, im after my first bike....
    lets say we are talking CBR 250 RR and the 600 RR[/quote]
  11. Re: bb


    Ask yourself this, why do the best riders in the world go from 125s to 250s before they're allowed to play with the big toys? :?

    Do your time :wink:
  12. Hard to learn how to ride well with the fear of getting caught by the cops and of crashing without insurance hanging over you all the time.
  13. Neither bike is heavy/not agile.

    Previous post that OP is a stupid nOOb Q stands.

    The bike you & your boyfriend ride is no indication
    of who is the better rider :)
  14. WTF dude? Seriously.

    Ever heard of a thing called a VARIABLE?

    What about

    rider 3 - total 6 month exp. on a 50cc scooter? He could be a total gun at riding with fu%k all experience. Next MotoGP champ in the making perhaps?

    rider 4 - total 45 years exp. on everything from a 50cc scoot to a 1500cc custom. Might be a complete retard who is lucky to be alive.

    Stupid question, stupid thread.

    If you want justification for buying a 600cc bike as a first bike from a group of people you dont even know, then you got much bigger issues ahead of you bud.
  15. Now UNO why some don't post as much bud.

    Everywhere I look, I see dumb arse Q's from nOObs too lazy to
    use any portion of what brains they have.

    I'm getting old & no longer have patience for this kinda shit like
    I used to.
  16. Sorry this thread has degenerated into a stupid slanging match.
    Really the OP should have thought out his question better to stop the slagging off he has received but guys he is a noob so cut his some slack.
    As for now I'll lock this thread unless an admin had other ideas.
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