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Who is the best to do my learner course with?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by ShadowGT, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. I'm finally going to do it. I'm getting close to having saved up enough for a bike now & once i sell my old car i should have over 3k which is enough to start to go bike shopping. So i feel now is the time to start looking into a Learners courses.

    Some info on who are the best training provers would be appreciated?

    I was leaning towards Ridetek till i realized they are all the way up in hoppers crossing although i am still open to them if they are the best. Other suggestions would be nice too?

    I Sent off Inquiries to HART & Riderbro's too. i'm not sure how good they are though?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated aslong as they run beginner learner courses that end in you getting your learners permit if you pass.
  2. Try http://www.motorcyclemotion.com.au/ in Cheltenham. I did my learners 3 x4 hours (with 4 in classroom). They also send you a letter in 2 months after to remind you to book for your other test if you think your ready. They have flexible days OK bikes and the instructors were damm good. When I was doing the L test I was still getting tips after each section of the test.
  3. I did mine at Rider Bros, they seemed really good. Of course I don't have anything to compare it to. But they have good policies like free retesting and free training if you fail and things like that
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  5. I did mine with Rider Bros too, they were good, and have heard rave reviews on HARTS process, which is closer and more convenient to you?
  6. Allstar Motorcycle are really good, they're in Dandenong.
  7. HART are great. Deca are also very good.
  8. Riderbro's is probably closest. They replied to my Inquiry i sent off within hours too. Only thing they said that worries me is that they reckon a 2 day course for someone who's never rode a bike before is unnecessary & that it can be done in one.

    This is the reply i got:

    Obviously i've never ridden so i don't know if you really could pick up everything you need to know in a day or not? But if you guys say they are alright then i'll probably go sign up for a course with them next time i have some money.
  9. I used stay upright in hoppers, they were excellent. Also ended up doing a intermediate course with them which I found worthwhile.
  10. i did my L's with DECA and they were great.

    i did my P's with RideTek and the instructor was a ****wit.
  11. If you dont feel comfortable, dont use them!! It is that simple!! If another mob you feel suits your needs, use them. No one will hold anything against you. :)
  12. I did my L's and P's at motorcycle motion, they were fantastic. Thoroughly recommend them.
  13. I think i probably will use them. all the other replies im getting from other places are just your run of the mill auto-reply (we do this, this & this course etc) Riderbros are the only ones who took the time to give a proper reply. Still i got time so i'll keep looking. probably not going to book the course for another week or two just yet.
  14. I did mine at Motorcycle Motion and they were fantastic. I can't remember the instructor's name, maybe David? He was a big bloke. Anyway, he was really helpful to me and the rest of the classes (I did the three days, over the course of a week so there was always different people in my class).

    If you don't have much experience, I'd recommend doing the longer course. Any experience is useful, it seems odd that Riderbros would recommend only the single day course.
  15. Did mine with DECA - very professional.

    I hear good things about HART and will be doing advanced riding with them
  16. I did mine in a day and could not comprehend what would need to take two days. I had ridden a trail bike once before so had no real experience.

    I cannot remember who I dud mine with except they were in Campbellfield and were really good. Did my licence in Dandenong, but they aren't there anymore.

    Good luck with it, it's great to be out and about on the bike.
  17. Just remember: be comfortable with whoever you choose. If you've ridden a bike before or bashed around a paddock on a trail bike, then take the 1-day option. If not, go for the 2-day.

    Places like HART and Deca and RideTek are more likely to fail you on your L's testing, not your P's. They are really stringent on the Learners test so they can weed it out. The P's gives you much more room for error.

    Just follow every instruction, get a good night's rest before the test and you'll be fine.
  18. I got my L's through Ridetek. I had done a very small amount of dirt-bike riding, about 15 years ago, but for most intents and purposes you could say that I had zero experience. I did the course with a couple of mates. One of my mates actually did have zero experience.

    We did the single day course, and were fine. We all passed with no problems. The instructors that we had were awesome. Very passionate about riding, and patient teachers. You get to spend a lot of time riding around practicing the exercises. The practice was specifically focused on what you needed to do to pass the test.

    That said, there were some people who had done the "learner/n00b" session the day before, and one of them still managed to fail the test. If anything's going to get you it'll probably be the nerves, and I think that's what affected this poor bloke.

    One thing I will say though, that after getting my L's I still felt hopelessly under-prepared to be out on the road with traffic. When I bought my bike I paid to have it delivered rather than driving it on the road, and spent a good couple of hours putting around the block before venturing any further.

    Once you've got your L's I can highly recommend the Saturday learner sessions here as a way of getting a bit of practice in in a low-stress learner-friendly environment.

    Good luck with whatever you choose to do, and safe riding!
  19. Ridetek are in Noble Park, at Sandown racecourse. Both my son and I got L's there (at different times), very helpful with theory and practical.

  20. Motorcycle Motion as a few have mentioned previously in this thread were great.
    The instructors will take the time to answer any questions and will keep providing advice all the way.