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Who is planing on doing the Ride to Remember?

Discussion in 'VIC' started by MLC, Jan 9, 2005.

  1. 23rd Jan.....Not me, have other plans..... But I will be on bike most the day, so I will be there is spirit.
  2. Maybe. I generally dont plan that far in advance or I end up quadruple booking myself :)
  3. Well I for one am doing it
  4. I would have liked to, but I think I'll been looking after a cripple that day :LOL:
  5. Tee hee :LOL:

    Just wait till he gets uncrippled..I think payback will be on the list, I think of him as 'The Gimp' :p :D
  6. Well I hope I can make it.

    Cheers 8)

    P.S. To Mr Plod, I know its a fund raiser, but when you lead us to Healesville can you not speed past the speed cameras for extra charity revenue ala Cranbourne Moto GP run :D :p :p :p
  7. Looking forward to it.
  8. We will be there. Coming from Gippsland!!

  9. Yamaha Super motard meeting is on at Calder the day prior, don't forget that should be a good day out.
  10. Do you think they could throw in a get out of fine card as an added incentive incase we ever get pulled over for a traffic offence? I'll be in if they do that.
  11. Both I and the missus will be there on our bikes.
  12. I intend to be there. :)
  13. I will be there as a Marshall and as a participant.
  14. I'll be there if I still have a license, the great debate, can I go without speeding for 12 months or should I take the 3 now and be done with it?
  15. me thinks yer I will