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Who is NOT going to Moto GP? And what's the plan??

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Grrrl, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. Ok, so it's boiled down to a PIZZA PARTY at my place...

    Who's coming?

    ~ Me - I guess I'll be there...
    ~ Stewy
    ~ Drew + Sal
    ~ Matt232
    ~ Mekros + Missus + lollies :grin:
    ~ im.on.it + Chippies :grin:
    ~ Chef
    ~ Eswen
    ~ Woodsy

    Yet to confirm:

    ~ Fastkid
  2. I won't be going - the Superbikes is more fun!

    Haven't got a plan for the day (yet) though.
  3. Geez... maybe everyone really IS going down there! :shock:
  4. It's just you and me, Grommit... WOOHOO!! :LOL:
  5. unfortunately my plans to go crashed. So im gonna be home and watch it on the TV, if they show it :)
  6. Grrl, where abouts are you (pm me if u like) i might not be able to make GP but sure would love to spend the day watching it with some people
  7. I'm in Doncaster, Woodsy... Not very close to Drouin!

    Not too close to Adelaide either, Gazza :LOL:
  8. Can't afford to go this year (plus I'm low on brownie points :roll: )
    BUT... I am penciled in for day release, sooooooo.....

    ...off for a ride. Seeya.

    (Seriously, anyone up for a short squirt around the hills that Sunday morning? Early?)
  9. I'm not going, I have been going for the last 5 years in a row. I'm more of a Island Classic and Superbike guy...

    Hopefully watching it on telly or at a pub/wherever after seeing the riders off from Cranbourne.
  10. So there ARE a few of us... :dance:

    Perhaps those that want to go for a ride first can do so, then maybe meet up at a pub or something... somewhere central... just an idea.

    Or the BBQ is still an option... :D
  11. i cant go :(
    but will be watching it on tv in mogo
  12. I am not sure yet. I might actually go, get drunk, (not sure if i can afford a day pass) then beat the traffic home :LOL:
  13. what about that pub in the city where we watch theover seas GP's?
  14. i know you are in melb anyway im in sydney but i was plannin a bbq also for this day.. im not sure if it will be on tv?
  15. the glenferrie in hawthorn? not a bad idea!
  16. Hey Grrrl, I'll be interested in bbq... I'm in Templstowe... not too far from Donnie.

    keep me posted.I won't be going to PI
  17. Yeah, thats is Es' so whos in?
  18. Well -if the last couple of years are anything to go by, Sunday usually finds me going for a nice spirited rip through the Otways & surrounding countryside, followed by a stopover at the Apollo bay pub for a couple of ice cold pots timed with the running of the MotoGP race, & then a nice quick blast back up a usually deserted Great Ocean road back to my humble abode :grin: Does life get any better than that? :LOL:
  19. I know I'm not going to the GP - tick
    I think I have a leave pass - tick
    I always like going for rides - tick
    Like watching the GP - tick
    Like pubs - tick
    Live close by (in the same state) - tick
    Don't know anyone though. - bummer
  20. Chef, last one dosen't count, thats a reason TO go.