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Who is going to the Football World cup in 2010

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hashius, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. I am considering going to South Africa next year and was initially set on going with these guys .. http://www.thefanatics.com/tour.php?id=870. But I have checked the FIFA webs...ase share your thoughts on the topic :grin:

  2. no chance, i dont want to end up on some cannibals dinner plate :shock:
  3. I wish I was!! Man I love football!!
  4. I suppose that's why its called the "beautiful game"
  5. Went to the last World Cup as we finally qualified. Having followed the game locally since '83, there was no way in hell I was going to miss out on Germany.

    Through the FFA ballot for tickets, ended up with nothing as the demand was too great. Only to then chase them up with a mate on ebay. We scored tickets to the Aus/Croatia game for $800 each. Kept searching like mad for tickets but was happy to be there knowing that at the very least I'll get to see a game.

    About a month before flying out, was having lunch with the wife at Knox, where I broke the news about how much I had paid for the ticket. Needless to say it didn't go down too well initially, but she knew how much this meant to me. This is when it gets weird, because within 5 mins, my mobile goes off and it's the FFA saying tickets had come back into the system and would I want them? Like f@ck I would. Now I had two tickets to Aus/Brazil and two for Aus/Croatia, none for the Japan game (and yes, I was taking the wife to Germany regardless). They were at face value. Also through the "second-chance ballot" on FIFA's site got tickets to the Tunisia/Saudi Arabia game.

    My mate also got a call but scored tix to all three group games. I put my original Croatia ticket back on ebay, sold it for $750 which then financed an Aus/Jap ticket.

    Sorry to go off a little there.

    Anyway, I've applied for 2010 through the FIFA ballot. I'm planning on going but if I get the tickets early. I don't want to go through the bulltish like last time. Knowing myself, I think I'll be doing everything I can to get there, tickets or not. There's always scalpers. A shedload of scalpers had tickets outside each venue in Germany. http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/organisation/ticketing/index.html The first phase has ended but there will be others. I'd keep an eye on this.

    The "fanatics" unfortunately have been given the rights to onsell the tickets for the FFA. If you want to guarantee yourself tickets at inflated package prices, I'd say go with them. Or you can enter the ballots in the hope your number comes up.

    I also went to the Asian Cup in '07, and tickets for those games could not have been any easier to get. South Africa is appealing, but it's certainly no Germany.

    Try registering on the http://www.ggarmy.com/html/s01_home/home.asp?dsb=81 for any other info that comes to hand.

    Good luck with it hashius.
  6. Thanks for that informative post jorge_k!!!!

    I was actually going to apply for the next batch of tickets being sold from 4 May 2009 to 16 November 2009 whucj are on a first in first served basis. I thought considering that it is still nearly 14 months away and there are still no sides which have qualified it wouldn't be too difficult to get tickets in that phase.

    I am planning to go for the "Team Specific Tickets" that way I can see the Aussies play all three group matches. Do you think my above thoughts are right or are tickets going to be difficult even to purchase at this stage ??
  7. I also am going for TST3 as I'll stay for the group stage only. If you're keen on going I'd apply for the next ballot or try to score tickets officially at face value asap. Keep an ear out if the FFA will also run a ballot.

    I had a check on the green and gold army site and they're offering packages with tickets at ridiculous prices.

    I'll be looking at securing airfares and accomodation independently from the tour organisers only because of what they're charging. What they offer is great, but IMO not at those prices.

    Will tickets be easy to come by? Your guess is as good as mine, but considering South Africa may not be high on everyone's footballing adventure, it should be easier to score some, but not guaranteed. It will depend on how high the demand for the tickets will be, and it looks like it already is. http://www.shine2010.co.za/goodnews.php?article_id=277
  8. Those group packages are ridiculously priced and considering that the tickets are only costing between 500-1000, I fail to see where they make up the rest of the $9000 they are asking for. When you say purchase tickets at face value, what do you mean exactly ?? I will definitely apply this May and will contact the FFA to see if they have something going.

    By the way people have recommended to go for TST 4 rather than 3 (as there could potentially be less applicants) and to choose Category 1,so that if you miss out on the first category you are automatically placed in draws for category 2 and 3 thereby increasing your chances of getting tickets. At this stage I will try anything to get tickets, so I will follow the above advice and any other useful info I can find from around here.
  9. Sorry, I guess it was the way I worded it. Basically, face value, as in if you're lucky enough to get tickets through FIFA ballots or if the FFA do so later down the track, you'll pay what the tickets cost and no more. For Germany, there was a lot of "ticketing agencies" that were asking in excess of $1,000 each ticket. How they got their hands on them, who knows? But they do know that there will be a lot of desperate fans willing to part with their hard-earned.

    That's not a bad idea, if I miss out on the current ballot, I may take this advice. I'm probably not as keen on this WC but if I get hold of tickets, there's no way I'll pass up the opportunity to be there.

    The Asian Cup in Qatar 2011 looks good, and provided we qualify, tickets will be plentiful.
  10. The only problem I have with the ASIA cup is that it seems the European players never seem to come around to the party so we get stuck with a second tier "A league" squad.

    In your above post you mention
    Can I ask, is it because you have safety concerns, or is one world cup enough for a lifetime??

    Another thing I cant understand is this e-bay thing! The FIFA website specifically requests valid names and passport numbers when you purchase tickets, so how do the scalpers get around this ? Or is it a matter of the security not checking to see if your id matches the tickets you have purchased ?
  11. I was in Korea for the 2002 cup, and it was the same way (names on tickets), and I don't recall the organizers actually checking the names. I guess it was the same in Germany from reading the above post.

    I figure it's more of a practicality issue. Checking every single ticket could give you some operations headaches. 1) getting everyone into the stadium will certainly take longer, and 2) If the name on ticket issue was strictly enforced, imagine the headaches of what would need to be done if the ticket purchaser wants to transfer the ticket to someone else due to change of plans. (That could be due to a perfectly legitimate reason too, but I suppose scalpers can use the same excuse to sell to someone else.)
  12. Probably more to do with logistics. When Australia wasn't playing there was a lot to do in the meantime, whether traveling to other cities or getting on the piss. Getting around Germany was a simple affair. South Africa is a much larger country and you may won't have the freedom to venture too far. I'll admit there's a touch of "football snobbery" on my part too. If it was Europe I'd probably have my annual leave sorted from now. I don't find SA that appealing. Having said that, if I got hold of tickets, they could play the WC in Iraq and I'll be there.

    The ticket I originally had for the Croatia game had a Chinese name and we bought it from the US. Don't know why he had a ticket to Aus/Cro in the first place. The shear volume of people getting into games would make it difficult to check everyones ID with name on ticket. But that's not to say it won't happen, you just have to be very unlucky.

    As for scalpers, most of what I saw there, they had access to various football federation allocated tickets that had no name on them apart from which FA they came from. There would've been a lot of officials that shafted their own supporters by selling to scalpers, who then made money off us.
  13. Would love to know if you find any places that are more affordable than the packages. So far for me and my partner to go we are looking at around $10,000 for tickets and accomodation - not including spending money.

    We follow the Socceroo's all around Aus with the GGarmy but 10k plus spendings is a little out of our price range.
  14. Once you have the tickets bought, accomodation from my checking has shown to be an average 250 AU a night for a pretty plush place, so 250 *16 nights= $4000 for both your partner and yourself. So it will work out WAY cheaper to book things independently
  15. A friend told me he went to a world cup without tickets and planned to get some from scalpers. but he ended up scoring really cheap tickets from fans who team got knocked out.

    I would really really love to gom but I just cant afford it
  16. :rofl:

    A thread about SA and not a word on the crime!

    Do what you want about the football but my advice is lock your doors the second you jump in the car, get an armed guide if you are intending on seeing "the real South Africa" and keep your eyes on the sidewalk when you stop at a busy intersection.

    I think SA was a shite idea for the world cup... although i do miss SA and would love to go back for a visit.
  17. I would love to go but short of winning some serious money its not happening.

    From what I have heard your best going with the organised groups and packages. Probably works out more expensive but saves alot of the hassel and stuff. Especially in a country like South Africa.
  18. Well, it looks like I'll have to start looking at saving some moolah for flights and accommodation now. Had a look at my emails, as I rarely check them, and found out that I've scored tickets for the 3 initial group games all for $387.40, ($US264).

    Now to finish off projects around the house as a trade-off with the missus. Had a ticket to the WCQ away to Japan but my lack of finishing off the bathroom stopped me from going.
  19. I was just thinking about whether you were successful.. Congrats on the tickets, fingers crossed I can score some in the next round :grin:
  20. Just letting everyone that the second round of sales has begun. The tickets are sold on a first in first served basis ... so Good luck to all